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Announcing The Martial Directory for Schools, Businesses, Organizations, Events, and Classifieds!
December 7, 2010

You may already be listed on TMD, search and claim your listing today!

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More About The Martial Directory

Martial Arts Enterprises, Inc. announces The Martial Directory, a one stop martial arts directory! Promoted by the worlds largest and most visited martial arts web sites, USADOJO.COM and, our new directory will be the most visible martial arts directory on the web! Our audience, composed of martial arts instructors, students and martial arts enthusiasts is your target audience and The Martial Directory provides a The Martial Mallhost of resources for that audience, including a directory of martial arts schools, martial arts businesses, organizations and events and articles on relevant martial arts topics written by you! The Martial Directory also offers a robust classified ad directory so you can sell products, offer career opportunities for job seekers and more. And, like with everything we do, we want to be the best at promoting you!

The Martial Directory also provides a wide variety of target advertising opportunities to bring even more visibility to your martial arts schools, businesses, organizations and events. We’ve created a platform that will help you engage with martial artists from around the world and present your brand at the forefront of the martial arts industry.

Most of you are listed on USADOJO.COM, and your listings have been copied to The Martial Directory. We individually moved each Featured Listings with your information. If you had a free listing you will need to visit and do a search for your listing. You will then need to claim your free listing and make sure your information is correct, delete the generic category "Martial Arts" and add the correct category for the main art taught at your school. At this time you can upgrade to a Premium Listing or a Featured Listing to make your Listing much more visible on The Martial Directory. If you have questions, please call Dana at 775-882-5114. We're here to help! (Visit The Martial Directory)

The Martial Directory

Visited The Martial Directory to see if your School, Business, Organization is listed? Claim your listing, change your category and upgrade your listing for even better visibility. If you are not listed, get listed today on our cutting edge directory built specifically for the martial arts community! (More)

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