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Antony Cummins MA has a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Archaeology. He a published author, historian, artist, illustrator and TV co-host. Antony Cummins lives between England and Japan studying the hidden history of the ninja and interviewing some of the most prominent figures in ninja history.

In Search of the Ninja: The Historical Truth of Ninjutsu

If you are interested in espionage, Asian martial arts or, to be more precise, the ninja? If you are someone who honors and appreciates...

The Chinese Origin of the Ninja

The ninja are without doubt the most misunderstood and misrepresented figure in military history, their story is filled to the brim with falsehoods; loose...

An Introduction to Ninjutsu

With this article, the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team aim to provide a brief introduction to the fascinating story of the Japanese ninja, giving the...

Antony Cummins Ninjutsu

Antony Cummins Ninjutsu Historian Antony Cummins MA was born in Lancashire, England. He attended Victoria University in Manchester, England, where he received a degree in...