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In 1982 Lorne Bernard met Shifu Augustine Ngu and began his training in the rare Fukien White Crane (Fukien Bai he chuan) system - flying crane style. In time, Lorne Bernard became the first Caucasian instructor in the history of the Flying Crane style. In 1989, Lorne went to visit White Crane Grand-Master Lee Kiang-Ke and his son Lee Joo-Chian in Malaysia. During his five month stay, he was fortunate enough to further his understanding of the system's history, theory, fighting applications, and weapons techniques. In addition to his White crane training, Shifu Lorne Bernard has also learned some Cha chuan with Master Xu Gong-Wei and some Wing Chun. In the year 2000, he started to study under the guidance of famed Bak Sing Choy Lay Fut Master Chiu Kwok-Chung. Since then, he practices exclusively White crane and Choy lay fut.