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Darren Laur
Darren Laur has dedicated his life to public safety, is a recently retired Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department with over 29 years of law enforcement experience, and is a Certified Advanced Open Source Intelligence / Social Media Investigator with a strong interest/background in on-line and social media investigations.

Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack

Unconsciousness and Death – Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack . . . witnessed over my 23 years of being a law enforcement professional. In...

The Anatomy Of Fear and How It Relates To Survival Skills...

An officer assigned to jail duty conducts a prisoner bed check when he observes that a male who was lodged in the drunk tank...

Best Practices To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As a 29-year law enforcement veteran with over seven year’s experience investigating unfortunate — and often preventable — incidents online, I have come to...

Darren Laur

Darren Laur is the head instructor of Personal Protection Systems, and a serving Law Enforcement Professional. Darren has trained extensively in a variety of...

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