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Gary Lee was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is an sport karate competitor and teacher, a Black Belt Hall Of Fame inductee, and a historian of sport karate. He was also a stuntman in martial arts films. He now devotes his attentions to the Sport Karate Museum.

The Old Japanese Fisherman

I have many fond memories of martial arts events from my childhood in Hawaii. There are things I will never forget, like watching the...

Master Aaron Banks and Old School . . . Osu

It is 1993, the vision of the Sport Karate Museum was already in my head and Johnny Kuhl had given me Master Aaron Bank's...

The Karate Whisperer Cartoons

  The Karate Whisperer is a cartoon strip created by the joint efforts of Gary Lee and Don Castillo, The Martial ARTist. Enjoy!

Love and Respect To Grand Master Parker Shelton

I was told by my friend, Sensei Rob Baker, that my hero and dear friend, Grand Master Parker Shelton has lung cancer and is...

The Living Legends Celebrity Roast of Mark Gerry

This is the original article written by Gary Lee on the Roast of Mark Gerry. If you wish to reprint or rewrite this version...

Museum of Sport Karate History Generals

Museum of Sport Karate History Generals are martial artists who have a "sport history" in the martial arts. History General's are men and women...

The Leo Fong Martial Arts Connection

The stories you are about to read are true and are as accurate as the old sensei remembers. There are many lessons learned at...

First Karate Championship Live TV Broadcast

Here is a sport karate story you may have heard about in rumors or as the guys gathered after a tournament or maybe from...

The Lesson of the Forty Brooms

The stories you are about to read are true and have been lived out by the Old Sensei. There are lessons to be learned...

The Great Linda Denley

Margret Beasley earned seven Golden Greek Awards from Texas, the highest number ever awarded since the death of Demetrius "The Golden Greek" Havanas in...

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