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Christopher J. Goedecke who goes by his Buddhist name, Hayashi Tomio, Shifu, Hachidan, is the head of the Isshin Kempo system and a Buddhist monk in the Chen Yen Shingon Mikkyo ‘Mi Ching’ sect. His system uses all the kata of isshinryu. Hayashi is a full time career martial arts teacher with forty-five years experience. His organization has spent the last twenty-two years researching the internal techniques of isshinryu kata. You can find more of Hayashi Tomio’s ideas at www.isshinkempo.com

The Four Interconnecting Roots of Martial Arts, Monastic Martial Science &...

If someone tells me there is a dimension of martial practice beyond the obvious, above the commonly held mainstream methodologies and techniques, I want...

The Motobu Fist: Lost Fist Tools Of Okinawan Karate

There is an unfamiliar side to traditional martial training similar to encountering a foreign language that runs through authentic karate-do practice. The Okinawans labeled...

A Frank Conversation About Internal Power in Martial Arts

Internal power training merits every martial artist’s attention because it is seldom presented in the current traditional understanding of Karate, Kung fu or Tae...


Chinkuchi - Karate's Hidden Internal Face: I recently reread Rememberances of Okinawa: Chinkuchi by Lt. Col. Charles Murray (USAF) written in 1971, with the intention...

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