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Ilan Gattegno
Ilan Gattegno joined Bujinkan in November 1974, when he became the first student of Doron Navon, when Navon came back from Japan. In 1975 Ilan Gattegno joined the Tel Aviv University Judo Team and in 1976 was Captain of the team, which took the Inter-University Cup of that year. In 1983 he led the Israeli delegation to the first Gashuko in Yumoa-Mura, which followed a month of training topped by the Tai-Kai with Hatsumi-Sensei. In 1987, in the Tai-Kai in London, he passed the 5-Dan test. When Doron Navon decided to let the next generation take the lead in Bujinkn Israel, Ilan Gattegno helped Moti Nativ regroup all the teachers and students in Israel and organize the first and the second Teaching Courses, under the guidance of Wingate Institute of Physical Education. Ilan Gattegno contributions to the publicity of Bujinkan are enormous.

Seigyo through Metsubushi: Control through Blinding

In Martial Arts we wish to control the situation at hand and manipulate the opponent to stop attacking us. We can control our opponent...

Ilan Gattegno Ninjutsu

First student of Doron Navon Ilan Gattegno joined Bujinkan in November 1974, when he became the first student of Doron Navon, who came back from...

Getting Through on Requirements: Teaching Budo Taijutsu

Only a handful of teachers in the Bujinkan are qualified to teach. In this art becoming a "teacher" is quite simple: You get a...

Doron Navon’s Godan Test: The Test of Truth

A narrow path leads from the main road to the house of Tanemura Shihan, one of the master teachers of the ancient art of...

Doron Navon – Six Years With Hatsumi Sensei

Like a true ninja, he remains a complex and intriguing enigma to most of the world, even to Doron Navon and other who know him...

Toshiro Nagato: The Gentle Giant

"He is like the shadow of Soke Hatsumi and many see him as the one who will eventually take the helm of Bujinkan" The...

Toshitsugu Takamatsu Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Toshitsugu Takamatsu was born on March 10, 1887 in Akashi town, Hyogo province, by the name of Hisatsugu Takamatsu. Later he changed his name...

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