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Jonathan Kruger
Jonathan Kruger lives in Zambia and he is the Senior Instructor of the Kodokwan Judo/Jujitsu club of Zambia. Their club mainly consists of the underprivileged youth in our community and there are 50 to 60 students in the club and many of them have represented Zambia Internationally.

The Dream of Joshua Kanyemba

The cell-phone rang from South Africa, it was Sensei Moola the national judo coach telling us here in Kitwe, Zambia that our Judoka Joshua...

Bronson Phiri’s Brush With Death

Among the underprivileged youth and orphans that I teach in our club I have a Sempai (head student) by the name of Bronson Phiri....

Characteristics of Koryu Jujitsu Techniques

The fierceness of the Japanese warrior and his fighting arts have fascinated Westerners since the West came into contact with Japan more than 450...

Jonathan Kruger’s Training Judo And Jujitsu In Osaka, Japan

I would like to share some of my early experiences of training judo and jujitsu in Osaka Japan. When I left for Japan in...

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