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Author of "The Art and the Way," Robert Hunt received Black Belt rank in Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and Shito Ryu, as well as Okinawan kobudo. He has studied Shotokan with Dan Ivan, Goju Ryu with Lee Gray, Wado Ryu with Masaru Shintani and Shi-To Ryu and Kobudo with Fumio Demura and is a member of Demura Sensei’s Genbu-Kai.

The Art and the Way Book Reviews

The Art and the Way book reviews and correspondence from readers of Robert Hunts' incredible book. “The first great novel of karate” – Dan Ivan I...

Teruo Chinen: An Ancient Man in a Modern World

As the Arizona night descended around us in a blanket of warm desert hues, the yellow light from a kerosene yard lantern danced across...

The Art and the Way By Robert Hunt

The Art and the Way By Robert Hunt begins in the 15th century when a young Okinawan boy is initiated into the martial arts of...

Robin Hunt: To Teach or Not to Teach

My wife, Robin Hunt, is a karate master. She’ll scoff at the suggestion, of course, and probably make a wise crack. In our dojo, we...

Dan Ivan Karate and Kobudo

This article by Robert Hunt is about Dan Ivan, martial arts pioneer and icon, taken from their 35 years of friendship and apprenticeship, some long...

Masanobu Shinjo, Lee Gray and the Shobukan

The afternoon sun still drifted through opaque windows at the end of the gymnasium and offered a smidgen of hazy twilight to my corner...

Robert Hunt Karate and Kobudo

Mr. Robert Hunt began studying the martial arts in 1964 and holds Black Belt rank in three styles of Japanese/Okinawan karate, as well as...

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