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Stephen Taylor is a kung fu student of Jesse “Duke” Garcia and began teaching in 2002. He has competed in boxing, judo, Muay Thai, pankration, push hands, sanda, stick fighting, and submission wrestling throughout the US and China. Stephen has degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri Kansas City. He spent seven years as the assistant to internationally ranked strength and conditioning coach Istvan Javorek and currently teaches at the University of Iowa.

The Effectiveness of Taiji in Combat

In my previous articles, Earning a Black Belt and The Sparring Dilemma, I discussed how mastery of the martial arts involves learning how to...

The Sparring Dilemma

While sparring is absolutely essential for any martial artist, the real issue is how to develop a safe, effective approach. In my last article, Earning...

Earning A Black Belt

Earning A Black Belt: When earning a Black Belt is the ultimate goal, training often focuses solely on learning technique which can lead to a...