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Travis Cottreau
Travis Cottreau is a Canadian living in Wellington, New Zealand. He is the Software Development Manager at CoreLogic and the Senior Technical Consultant, IRD New Zealand. Travis' interests include Chito-ryu karate and he has written articles about Aragaki, Hanashiro Chomo, Chokotu Kyan, Higashionna Kanryo, Motobu Choyo and he enjoys writing about all of them.

Higashionna Kanryo

The exact dates that O-Sensei began training with Higashionna Kanryo are uncertain. His training with Aragaki Seisho (1840-1918) stopped between 1912 and 1914 and...

Chomo Hanashiro

Starting near 1914, O-Sensei began training with a well-known karate expert named Chomo Hanashiro  (in the Okinawan dialect, this is pronounced Chomo Hanagusuku Chomo)....

Aragaki Seisho

This is the first of a series of articles that I will write covering O-Sensei's (Chitose Tsuyoshi's) martial arts instructors. When I initially considered...

Chotoku Kyan and Chito-Ryu Karate

Chotoku Kyan  was probably the most influential of O'Sensei's Tote instructors and Chito-ryu is abundant with Kyan influences. We can see this in numerous...

Choyu Motobu Okinawan Karate

There is a large amount of technical and historic information available about the art that Choyu Motobu inherited from his father and passed on...

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