BJJ America Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum

BJJ American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum

BJJ America Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum is a complete, step-by-step system, based in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with Judo and Wrestling, that will allow you to seamlessly integrate grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques into your school’s program. This exciting program will help you attract new students and retain your senior students.

Here are a few reasons to include grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of your martial arts program:

1. To offer more value at your school and attract new students. Many students are now seeking a school that offers some grappling and by providing organized instruction, you can make these students your own.

2. To retain your existing students. People sometimes quit training because they sense they are no longer improving, they feel they have gained enough proficiency at the art, or they may just become bored with the repetition of kata that is required to truly excel. A grappling program offers a whole new dimension to their learning – a complete new world of techniques and skills to keep the students interested and fascinated for years.

3. To serve as a curriculum for your advanced students or an incentive for your Black Belt Club who are looking for an edge over everyone else. Many students view their black belt as a sign that it is time to move away from their school and branch out in new directions. Offering these students grappling helps give them a new world of training right at you school.

4. To make your program a more “complete” program. Punches and kicks are a big part of the self defense pie, but grappling and groundfighting is as well, especially for women whose worst fear is often to be thrown to the ground by a large assailant. Learning even standing joint locks with a compliant opponent is not the same as actually learning to defeat a competitive opponent with chokes and joint locks on the ground.

5. To offer a control-based self defense program for juniors who are dealing with trouble in the schoolyard. Kicking and punching, even in self defense, can lead to legal ramifications and even expulsion from school; whereas grappling techniques can get the larger bully under control (and embarrass him) without resorting to hitting. This is why many schools have wrestling programs in place as opposed to boxing programs. A grappling program is an easy sell to schools and parents.

6. As the ultimate confidence booster! The close quarters contact, and rough and tumble of grappling dramatically improves self-confidence. It gives people a taste of reality without the price of injury. By letting people have a taste of close quarters fighting, we significantly reduce their fear of “getting in close”, which ultimately, even improves their abilities as ‘stand-up’ fighter because they need not fear being taken to the ground.

7. It’s Fun! Grappling is a load of fun, especially when the smaller student realizes that he/she can actually learn to control a larger and stronger opponent. People simply love the challenging aspect of grappling – it is tactile and all about feel and sensitivity – very different from much of our stand-up training. It can be practiced slow or fast, and always gives a great total body workout. Students love it!

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