Black Belt Healers Curriculum

Black Belt Healers Curriculum

Black Belt Healers Curriculum is an outstanding course providing individuals the unique opportunity to become a Black Belt Healer. The course consists of 27 online lessons plus a two week Intensive Internship in the Napa Valley. During the Intensive Internship, you will train on actual patients under the direction of Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. who is a physician, martial art master and the creator of this course.

Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. is a (Napa Valley doctor) practicing physician and martial artist. He has been training in the martial arts for over thirty five years and has been practicing medicine in California’s Napa Valley for more than twenty years. In addition to standard western medical therapy, he uses his knowledge of Black Belt Healing to help others daily.

In 1989 his family founded the martial art known as Pinewood. Pinewood is a self defense system that encompasses blocks, hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws and ground fighting. Yoga, massage, herbs and manipulation are utilized as healing modalities. This combination gives Pinewood balance between the fighting arts and the healing arts.

The healing techniques of Pinewood have been handed down to his family from past masters in our lineage. We refer to this healing side of our art as “Black Belt Healing”.

In 1998 they founded the Napa Valley School of Massage to maximize learning opportunities for Pinewood students. Due to the popularity of this program, they began to offer it to the general public. Over the past several years they have trained many martial artists and martial art teachers to become Black Belt Healers.

You will enjoy your study of this fascinating healing art. This knowledge will greatly help to advance your martial art education.

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