Books by Bohdi SandersAll martial artists will enjoy Bohdi Sanders Books. Dr. Bohdi Sanders is a multi-award winning author, a bestselling author, a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, and a Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. His book, Modern Bushido, hit #1 on Amazon and ranked in the TOP 10 for a total of 105 weeks. Dr. Sanders has studied martial arts for over 32 years, including Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, and Jujutsu.

Dr. Sanders is also a certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning from the nationally accredited International Sports Science Association. He is also a Certified Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master, and a Certified Master of Acupressure.

Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters Nov 14, 2018

The Warrior Ethos: Daily Motivation for Martial Artists and Warriors Sep 24, 2016

Warrior Wisdom 365: Daily Motivation for Martial Artists and Warriors Jun 20, 2016

Men of the Code: Living as a Superior Man Nov 2, 2015

Martial Arts Wisdom : Quotes, Maxims, and Stories for Martial Artists and Warriors Jul 22, 2014

The Warrior Lifestyle: Making Your Life Extraordinary (Warrior Wisdom Book 3) Aug 16, 2013

Warrior: The Way of Warriorhood (Warrior Wisdom Book 2) Aug 16, 2013

Defensive Living: The Other Side of Self-Defense Sep 19, 2012

Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior (The Warrior Wisdom Series Book 1) Sep 20, 2012

Secrets of the Soul: The Guide to Uncovering Your Hidden Beliefs Sep 19, 2012

Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence Dec 30, 2011

Wisdom of the Elders: The Ultimate Quote Book for Life Dec 30, 2011

Wicked Wisdom: Explorations Into the Dark Side Dec 10, 2010