Legends on USAdojo.com is a column of unique interviews with legends of the martial arts who discuss their legacies and more.

Jhoon Rhee – Changing The World

"We must strive to achieve human perfection. I define human perfection as a person who never knowingly makes a mistake. If we all live...

Bob Ozman Passes Away

It is with a sad heart that I announce that Bob Ozman, the first karate instructor in the San Fernando Valley, creator of Mushin-Gi-Tai,...

Jim Thomas Interview

There are martial artists who are known more for the work they do, then by their name or their titles. James Thomas is one...

Robert Kovaleski and Eric Kovaleski – Father and Son

In this edition of Legends and Legacies for USAdojo.com we present two separate interviews, one with father, Robert Kovaleski and Eric Kovaleski, the son....

Message in a Bottle – Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas is the director of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, an awards ceremony where martial arts greats such as Conan Lee...

Message in a Bottle – Earnie Shavers

Gordon Richiusa got boxing legend, Earnie Shavers to give this brief yet focused Message in a Bottle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oah_se9-XGs  

Mike Murray Interview

Mike Murray is a well-known figure in the Mixed Martial Arts world. He was one of three people who were present, for instance, when...

Message In A Bottle – Mike Murray

During a Legends and Legacies Interview, Mike Murray gives us his Message in a Bottle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM3UgrVEavY

Message In A Bottle – Ernie Reyes Sr.

Martial Arts Master, Ernie Reyes Sr. is co-founder and head instructor of West Coast World Martial Arts, where he has been teaching for more...

Bob Ozman: My First Karate Instructor

I am particularly proud to contribute this column, which focuses on Bob Ozman my first karate instructor. I began lessons with Bob Ozman as...

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