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Legends on USAdojo.com is a column of unique interviews with legends of the martial arts who discuss their legacies and more.

Ji Han Jae and Sinmoo Hapkido

Often, the origins of a style of martial arts are hidden in myth and shrouded by decades or centuries of word-of-mouth interpretation of a...

What Is Legends & Legacies?

LEGENDS AND LEGACIES, is a partnership between Frank W. Dux and Gordon Richiusa. Frank Dux has been called the Godfather of the MMA, referred...

Message In A Bottle – Benny Urquidez

World champion kickboxer, Benny Urquidez, known as "The Jet", gives his "Message in a Bottle" to the Legends and Legacies series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7TK1e-u7I0

Message In A Bottle – Alfred Urquidez

Alfred Urquidez, member of the illustrious Urquidez family, inductee in eight Martial Arts Halls of Fame and Executive Council to the Ambassadors for the...

Message In A Bottle – Rick Kingi

As part of the Legends and Legacies series, and in cooperation with The Manifest Project, Grandmaster Rick Kingi gives his Message In A Bottle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDCWv2ygnR0

Message In A Bottle – Dana Stamos

Dana Stamos is the owner of Martial Arts Enterprises and reaches hundreds of thousands of martial arts enthusiasts worldwide through USAdojo.com and Martial Arts &...

Message in a Bottle – Monua Cary

Monua Cary, while being honored at the Masters Hall of Fame Awards gives us her Message in a Bottle which capsulizes the intent of...