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Learning the Language

Martial arts come from all over the world and classes are often taught using foreign terms. Here on USAdojo.com we have information about proper pronunciation, spelling, counting and more.

Japanese Okinawan Vocabulary

When pronouncing Japanese and Okinawan words, remember that each syllable is stressed equally when saying multi-syllable words (i.e., ka-ra-te, not kar-ate). All syllables of...

Korean Vocabulary

If you have studied Tang Soo Do or another Korean martial art you have probably heard these Korean vocabulary words and terms used in your...

Counting in Japanese

If you study Japanese Martial Arts then it is highly likely that your instructor does some counting in Japanese. Here are the numbers, their...

Asian Word Pronunciation

The charts below give an approximate Asian word pronunciation of words in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The Japanese alphabet consists of 99 sounds formed with...

Why is Jujutsu Spelled So Many Different Ways

Arguably, Jujutsu is the most frequently misspelled word in the martial arts. The words used, vary from “Ju” to “Jiu” or “Jiuy,” and the...

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