The Intelligent Use of Faith

Stephen Kaufman

The concept of faith is generally misunderstood. Usually ascribed to a theological tenet, and in certain circumstances it should be, faith does not necessarily have to be relegated to any limited functionality. If anything is anything, than everything is everything.

Faith can be taken in two ways: one is the “faith IN something,” and the other is the “faith OF something.” It is best to have the “faith OF something.” Here’s the difference.

When you have “faith IN something,” you are expecting your faith in that thing to respond to you according to your desires based mostly on what you think you deserve. This type of thinking by its very nature is limiting. No one has a complete understanding of their worth and, therefore, can have no idea about how creation actually works from the Absolute level of consciousness until one attains perfection, i.e., Godhood. The separation between you and the Creative Power of the Universe is easily overcome with self-revealization acceptance based on a faith OF the Thing Itself.

The faith OF something releases the responsibility of the receiving vessel to be aware of any known or unknown limitations of acceptance for its desire. The burden to demonstrate becomes the obligation of the thing desired causing It to release Itself because of Its need to “know” Itself. The Spirit of the Thing Itself opens the receiving vessel to the needed size based on the receiving vessel’s desire to be filled with an abundance OF the desire. This conscious act permits the object of desire to express Itself in, as, and through the receiving vessel.

The above statement is not wordplay. It is a profound concept that must be come to terms with by anyone seeking to elevate themselves to higher levels of reality. You accept yourself as the thing you desire to have and be, thereby permitting it to express totally in your life without any misguided causation, and thus, you become the effect. Faith OF something includes being able to fully appreciate the value of the thing itself.

Think this through carefully! Faith OF something is a new premise of “being” and must be recognized as such. Beingness is an already created state. Faith OF something indicates to the Spirit of the Thing Itself that it already exists in your life by your total acceptance, as, through, and in you, and, therefore, is. Free to demonstrate as a tangible condition in your life with ease and grace, it also creates the psychological, emotional, and physical changes necessary for you, the receiving vessel, to deal with it based on the new reality you are consciously choosing for yourself.

Even with the faith OF something, it still may not instantly demonstrate. This is because you cannot have faith in or of an abstract. You must define it for what you think it is or what you desire it to be. Otherwise, the Spirit of the Thing Itself doesn’t know what you want. That is why most people don’t get what they think they want. For this reason you must constantly define and redefine your purpose and desire made easy with the correct self-revealization acceptance. If It does not know what you want, and you do not know what you want, how can you possibly think that you are not receiving exactly that? It is also because you are not ready to accept it as your divine right to live in joy and freedom. The Spirit of the Thing Itself cannot reveal what It does not know you want. You must continue to clear away negative conditions that would restrict the expression and demonstration of your desire. Understanding and thoughtfully accepting “in the faith OF something” separates self-revealization acceptance from anything that has gone before.

The faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself enables you to be rid of ideas of limitation replacing them with firmly entrenched forward-looking and uplifting new attitudes. The importance of understanding the faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself is that you are able to redefine the conditions you want to experience on a conscious level while continually stripping away the undesired conditions in your life. You have to continually reinforce your new desires by removing old errors of thinking until the new reality is in your sub-conscious mind and manifests in your life as a physical and/or mental and/or spiritual reality. Change your ideas about something and be ready for new expressions of desire. Accept them and truly want them. Words and wishful thinking do not bring about change. Whole and complete conviction laced with a healthy passion for it does. When you wish upon a star, it is usually the star that gets what you want.

The desire to bring about change in your life is an attitude of growth that must be accepted as accomplished. Getting rid of old ideas and erroneous attitudes can be very frustrating. It can be changing your ideas about money, losing weight, or smoking. Breaking habits that are firmly entrenched are the most difficult. You have to break the causes for them as well as the physical manifestation. You have to convince the Spirit of the Thing Itself that doing so is better for you than not doing so and you will accept whatever is required to achieve the ends by accepting the faith OF the Thing Itself. However, do not think that just because you say you want to change something it will respond to your most convincing and passionate desires. You have to break the patterns of thinking that permit you to continue with the self-deprecating idea. This is another reason why you must have the faith OF something and not faith IN something.

“Beingness,” based on I AM, I HAVE, and I WILL TO HAVE, once defined with feeling, has no alternative but to be delivered as you visualize it. Train your mind to see it. Continue redefining your thoughts until you have exactly what you desire by relentlessly pursuing your desire. Understanding and thoughtfully accepting “in the faith OF something” separates self-revealization acceptance from anything that has gone before.

From An Introduction to Self-Revealization Acceptance