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Information on USAdojo.com about running schools of martial arts and teaching martial arts.

Running A Martial Arts School

  Stick to the Basics When Running A Martial Arts School Awhile back I dropped in on one of our Martial Arts academies. During my visit,...


There is a lot of controversy around at the moment with regard to certain groups who have instigated what amounts to a pyramid selling...

Traditional Martial Arts Training VS. Commercialism

A plethora of articles have been written on the subject of traditional martial arts training versus commercialism over the past several decades; yet the...

Barry Johnston Interview About ACSD

Dave Kovar and Barry Johnston Interview About Australian College of Sports Development Richard Norton Kapow TV catches up with Dave Kovar USA based Martial Arts...

Specialized Training Allows Austrailian Martial Arts Schools to Flourish

In the absence of a government oversight, how can a club protect itself from lawsuits and other threats? It starts with a culture of...

Martial Arts Participation Statistics

According to data from New York City-based research firm Simmons Market Research 18.1 million Americans participated in karate or some other form of martial art...

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