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Kyusho Evan Pantazi shares his articles about pressure points or vital points used in self-defense and healing in the martial arts.

Kyusho: Anatomical Targets in Deep Tissue

We have been talking about pressure points not really being Kyusho for the past few years as the evolution of Kyusho has progressed. No...

No Such Thing as Pressure Points

What No Pressure Points? I realize this is controversial, it will upset some, it will anger others, but that should not prevent it from being...

Most Important Pressure Points?

What are the Most Important Pressure Points? A popular question for Kyusho beginners is what are the most important pressure points to learn? Well that is...

What is Important to Know About Kyusho

So what is important for an individual to know who wants to excel in Kyusho: 1. Know the target inside and out. This seems like...

Kyusho is Real and Simple

Most Martial Artists today spend decades of their life researching and practicing the physiology of a punch, kick, grab or manipulation of the human...

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