Becoming the Total Warrior

Professional Martial Artists, can help their students become the Total Warrior


We all search for personal refinement and fulfillment, but in the martial arts we work tirelessly to help empower others to become the total warrior. We all strive to help students to become more confident, fit, and proud. We are constantly looking for even greater benefit and value.

Kyusho as we all understand, means “Vital Point”, but most get caught purely in the physical realm. There exists two ancient and universally revered texts of strategy, combat and deep understanding in the weaknesses or these vital points in engagement. They are: “The Book of 5 Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi and the older “Art of War” by Sun Tzu. The old knowledge or shared experiences contained in these two texts are universal in scope as they not only convey the inherent weaknesses in man but the inherent strengths as well. They were based on the realities observed, refined, documented and experienced battles in warrior to warrior combat of the weaknesses of man.

Each of these are Bubishi developed in other times and locations, but on a mental and spiritual (not religious) level. These far supersede the physical as without the mental knowledge of how or the spiritual why and when, then the remaining physical actions are infinitely weak.

Miyamoto Musashi, is the consummate warrior of the spiritual realm… forging through time and experience the essence of man’s soul and will. He recorded for history the profound power of the inner will and the emptying of the thoughts that can and do restrict the spirit. He taught to be in tune with the vibrations of the opponent and universe not merely physical action… “study this well”.

Sun Tzu, the consummate warrior of the mind, saw the mental weaknesses of the enemy and capitalized on them with the strength of his own. He recorded the profound vital points of the mind of the warriors who wage battle and the power of the mental being… “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”.

There are also several authors and those even unknown, of revered texts and scrolls, such as the Bubishi, Scrolls and Manuals recording similar physical weaknesses of the body. These are profound in the scope of scientific anatomical vital points of the body are on the basic level of combative action… “winning technique”.

One of the reasons that Kyusho is not yet universal in acceptance (besides a lot of hokey crappola taught and, of course, false prophets of it), is that people only concentrate on the physical, trying to make themselves the biggest and baddest. But in their over exuberance in the physical, they miss so much in the other realms that would comprise a total warrior. What good does it do if you are the highest skilled martial artist if another with stronger spirit overwhelms you, or when the mental warrior sets you up to defeat yourself?

As a professional we see people jump from fad to fad looking for something and never finding it. The look to do something in order to find something that will fill emptiness in themselves. They do this so that they can share experiences with others and let them know they found something… only to lose interest in time as it was not the fulfillment they sought.

Intrinsically all people are looking for mental, spiritual and physical understanding and fulfilment. They want to know themselves and their potentials, but many are left still looking. The Arts can have all of this and many professionals strive to help their members in all three areas…but still there can be something missing. That is the inner potentials of the traditions of a particular style, lost to antiquity. Kyusho is that answer, that meaning of the dichotomy of yin and yang… understanding the inside and out, the healing and the hurting, this is what fulfills.

However there is a structure and systematic process for developing these vital areas to become a complete Martial Artist inside and out. Is it more work for you the professional to learn this, yes of course, but will it have added value for your members, absolutely. But you must also beware as Kyusho instruction is not all the same, you must find the best that will satisfy all the needs of those who seek your help.

I leave you with a shameless plug that can increase your value to your members, school and style. In turn it will also yield a personal value only you will know… a deep satisfaction, a return to the original Arts and of course revenues to continue doing what you love… helping people. How do I know… well in just 11 years the process has helped close to 700 affiliated instructors in over 35 countries around the world gain more value for their members, therefore more members. They learned a dynamic of shared growth and a deeper understanding of not only the Martial Arts but the human being as well. We are here to help you as well.

Thank you for your time…we will return to the physical mechanics of Kyusho vs. Dim Mak in the next article.

© Evan Pantazi 2014