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America’s Next Great Trainer: ANGT is TV Magazines and More

America's Next Great Trainer or ANGT is a brand featuring trainers, coaches and instructors. Leading experts in the world of sports, health, fitness, nutrition,...

Kid Kulinaire: A Web Site Parents and Kids Will Love

Kid Kulinaire (Family • Food • Fitness • Fun) is an entertaining and educational website intended to help combat the global childhood obesity epidemic,...

Welcome to USAdojo.com

Learn all about martial arts on USAdojo.com. Read hundreds of articles on numerous topics. Learn about martial arts styles and systems, how to pick...

We Learn History and Culture Through the Martial Arts

We learn history and culture through the martial arts. “The martial art is a cultural asset. I look at myself as a martial arts anthropologist,...

Fight in Hanoi Park

For my web TV Show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” I try to show little known, and culturally interesting martial arts, in unusual locations, which few...

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