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Martial arts media on USAdojo.com includes martial arts books, magazines DVD’s, seminars, online training and other media.

Martial Arts Training App Screenshots

Martial Arts – Training

Martial Arts - Training App offers Martial Arts Training and workouts to learn disciplines like karate, MMA, and Full Contact martial arts.
Wisdom of the Masters by Emil Farkas

Wisdom Of The Masters: Captivating and inspirational Quotes For Everyone

Wisdom of the Masters by Emil Farkas is a unique book full of inspirational and captivating quotations by some of the world's greatest martial arts masters.
Emil Farkas

Books By Email Farkas

American martial arts instructor, author and fight coordinator Emil Farkas started his martial arts career while a youngster in Hungary where he was born....
Warrior Odyssey

Antonio Graceffo Books

Warrior OdysseyWarrior Odyssey, Antonio Graceffo's book, chronicles his first seven years in Asia, traveling from country to country, studying martial arts. The book contains...
The Journey From Orphan To Soke by Frederick Douglas Peterson

The Journey from Orphan to Soke

Largely a first person narrative accompanied by focused, honest questions and answers and star studded tributes, this 95 year old WWII veteran tells his...
The Ninja Way: The Story of the Israeli Dojo by Ilan Gattegno

The Ninja Way: The Story of the Israeli Dojo

While writing the upcoming book “It Takes a Ninja,” Ilan Gattegno realized that many of his published writings on the Bujinkan were no longer...
Disarm and Disable by Joey Walker

Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide

In a perfect world, no one would indiscriminately use a firearm to shoot and kill any number of innocent people - and if they...
Never Heel Up by Michael Busha

Never Heel Up

Devastating events can lead a person many different directions, some good and some not so good. Scars can last a long time. We have...
The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends

The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends: The Journey to Mountain Temple

Produced by the Martial Arts History Museum, The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends: The Journey to Mountain Temple is Book One in a...
The Shaolin Butterfly Style Book

The Shaolin Butterfly Style – Art of Transformation

Sifu Michael Fuchs is proud to announce the release of his book, The Shaolin Butterfly Style - Art of Transformation. This book unveils to...

Scott Grove Shares About His DragonForce Ninjas Martial Arts Video Game

Scott Grove shared with USAdojo.com about creating his DragonForce Ninjas martial arts video game and the Sensei App that goes along with the game....
Judo & Life By Brian Watson

Judo & Life

The author of Judo & Life is Brian N. Watson. Brian was born in England. He was a regular contributor to the British magazine...
World of Martial Arts Magazine

World of Martial Arts Magazine

World of Martial Arts Magazine is all about good martial arts for good martial artists. Everything from beginner to Black-Belt, traditional to modern, World...

Dancing with Saenchai By Kevin Ross

UPDATE: There will be a Kevin Ross Book Signing: Dancing with Saenchai hosted by Athlon RUB and Martial Arts History Museum on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at...

Dragon Shadow Xiangjiang

Dragon Shadow Xiangjiang To commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee, the new book Dragon Shadow Xiangjiang selects more than 450 pictures...
John Curley

John A. Curley Books

John A. Curley books are written by a hard hitting private investigator and author who has obviously walked the streets he writes about and...