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American martial arts instructor, author and fight coordinator Emil Farkas started his martial arts career while a youngster in Hungary where he was born. Before the age of 20, he had earned blacks belts in both Judo and Karate. Today he is one of America’s most respected senseis and is internationally recognized as an authority on the martial arts. He holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Karate, 4th degree Black Belt in Judo and a 4th degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu. Farkas is a noted expert in realistic street combat, having worked as a bodyguard for numerous celebrities for many years. He is also recognized as one of America’s foremost historians on martial arts. (Biography)

By Emil Farkas and John Corcoran
Answers questions about the techniques, purposes, and practitioners of karate, kung-fu, judo, and other martial arts and their role on television and in films.

Fightback: A Women's Guide to Self-DefenseFIGHTBACK: A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SELF-DEFENSE

Author Emil Farkas Margaret Leeds
Emil Farkas legendary Sensei to the stars, has written this all encompassing text in self defense for women. Included are the use of weapons, use of arms, elbows, blocks, kicks, chockes and much more. Author of ‘The Encyclopedia of Martial Arts’ Farkas is world renowned for his literary skills and in this book can be appreciated for his technical excellence.


by John Corcoran, Emil Farkas
With more than two thousand entries, this pioneering reference includes a wealth of terms and technical nomenclature, techniques, styles, weapons, and advanced fighting theories pertaining to the martial arts, together with phonetics, literal translations, and customary meaning. The entries are culled from English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindustani, Polynesian, and Philipino–all the languages of the martial arts lexicon.

Training and Fighting SkillsTRAINING AND FIGHTING SKILLS

by Benny Urquidez with Emil Farkas
Training and Fighting Skills is one of the few great books on sparring training and technique. Urquidez provides numerous training tips along with pages of step-by-step photo diagrams of winning combinations. This book assumes that you already know how to perform basic techniques like a side kick or a roundhouse kick. If you have had basic training experience in TKD, karate, etc., you will learn from this book.


by John Corcoran, Emil Farkas
All of the major arts and styles, and many of the minor ones, are historically traced in The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia as it explores the martial arts, its history, and martial arts pioneers around the world. There are hundreds of historical photos of of important martial artists including Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in the point-fighting days. From Judo’s founder Jigaro Kano to World Judo Champion Gene LeBell, from martial arts legend Bruce Lee to his son, action film star Brandon Lee The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia has it all. The text has been written by some of the world’s finest martial arts journalists. The photography has been taken by many of the most gifted photo-journalists the arts have to offer. The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia is a tour-de-force of martial arts facts, biographies, historical photos, and insightful contributors. Highly recommended! — Midwest Book Review

Martial Arts: Tradition, History, PeopleMARTIAL ARTS: TRADITION, HISTORY, PEOPLE

by John Corcoran, Emil Farkas
Martial Arts: Tradition, History, People is a massive reference containing over 1,000 individual bios of famous pioneers and champions; over 1,000 photos, many of rare vintage; detailed histories of martial arts development in all major countries including the most complete overview ever of U.S. martial arts history; and hundreds of entries detailing arts and styles. Plus, a huge Bibliography featuring 1,183 English-language martial arts books published from 1898-1980, organized by 26 categories. This book took 10 years from concept to completion in the pre-computer era, and it shows. It has won industry-wide international acclaim for its global thoroughness and universal appeal to everyone from beginners to veteran black belts.

An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in AmericaAN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MARTIAL ARTS IN AMERICA

This fantastic book written by Emil Farkas, co-author of the incredible Encyclopedia of Martial Arts, is a one of a kind. An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America covers the period from 1900 to present and has hundreds of amazingly rare and historically significant photos in it from President Teddy Roosevelt who trained in Judo in the dojo at the White House to the grappling craze of today. Nostalgic photos of Norris, Snipes, Bruce Lee, Robert Trias, Peter Urban and many more are included plus a selection of some of the books that changed the martial arts here in America. Authors like Draeger, Tegner, Demura, and many more have their books highlighted. Films and rare movie posters like that of Game Of Death, American Ninja, Karate Kid, Enter The Dragon and many more are included. Farkas has meticulously written a description for each photo explaining exactly what and where it was shot and who is in it. The book is divided into chapters designated by the decade so you can see the actual progression over the Century.

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