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The USAdojo.com Learning Center shares information about studying martial arts, about systems and styles, about vocabulary used in martial arts and about martial arts books, magazines and APPS that help us learn.

Anko Itosu

History of Karate

Legend claims karate began at end of 5th century A.D. when a Buddhist priest travelled to China from India and taught Indian fist fighting and yoga to monks.
Dana Stamos

Martial Arts Journalism

Thoughts on Martial Arts Journalism I consider myself a martial arts journalist and I take my job very seriously. For me, the job of a journalist...
Donald Miskel

Teaching Beginners . . .

A wonderful time in class this afternoon. Taught a beginner's class. I had almost forgotten the joy of taking the uninitiated and educating them in...
Martial Arts Training App Screenshots

Martial Arts – Training

Martial Arts - Training App offers Martial Arts Training and workouts to learn disciplines like karate, MMA, and Full Contact martial arts.
Donald Miskel

Without Integrity We Have Nothing

As a pastor and martial artist I value integrity above most of other traits that are included in the lives of honorable men. Without integrity we have nothing.
Emil Farkas

Books By Email Farkas

American martial arts instructor, author and fight coordinator Emil Farkas started his martial arts career while a youngster in Hungary where he was born....
Wisdom of the Masters by Emil Farkas

Wisdom Of The Masters: Captivating and inspirational Quotes For Everyone

Wisdom of the Masters by Emil Farkas is a unique book full of inspirational and captivating quotations by some of the world's greatest martial arts masters.
Warrior Odyssey

Antonio Graceffo Books

Warrior OdysseyWarrior Odyssey, Antonio Graceffo's book, chronicles his first seven years in Asia, traveling from country to country, studying martial arts. The book contains...

Dana White on Apolitical UFC: If you want politics, turn on any other channel

Watch as Dana White, UFC President, discusses how he keeps politics out of sports and how he kept going during the pandemic.
Donald Miskel

Lethal Weapon (The Deadliest Weapon in the Martial Arts)

I was sitting up this morning alternately doing hand techniques and watching martial arts bios of various masters, teachers and actors. I recently had...
Donald Miskel

Brother to Brother (or Sister)

Greetings to my fellow Dragons and my martial art brethren. This is a letter to our fraternity but also to any and all that...
The Journey From Orphan To Soke by Frederick Douglas Peterson

The Journey from Orphan to Soke

Largely a first person narrative accompanied by focused, honest questions and answers and star studded tributes, this 95 year old WWII veteran tells his...

Facts About Ninjutsu – What You Never Knew

Ninjutsu has always been this mysterious and bigger than life subject - part myth, part fantasy. It’s been greatly misrepresented in movies, anime and...

Age of the Samurai: Battle For Japan – Part 1

This is a new 6-part Docu-Drama on Netflix. It provides a glimpse into the lives and times of the three great unifiers of Japan...

Age of the Samurai: Battle For Japan – Part 2

Hideyoshi - the Second Great Unifier - Invades Korea After Nobunaga died (betrayed by Mitsuhide) Hideyoshi inherited his empire. After a few more wars, in Kyushu,...
The Ninja Way: The Story of the Israeli Dojo by Ilan Gattegno

The Ninja Way: The Story of the Israeli Dojo

While writing the upcoming book “It Takes a Ninja,” Ilan Gattegno realized that many of his published writings on the Bujinkan were no longer...