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Key mind sets and attitudes found in advanced martial artists

Key mind sets and attitudes in advanced martial artists

What are some of the key mind sets and attitudes to be found in advanced martial artists? "What you do speaks so loudly that I...
Disarm and Disable by Joey Walker

Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide

In a perfect world, no one would indiscriminately use a firearm to shoot and kill any number of innocent people - and if they...
Never Heel Up by Michael Busha

Never Heel Up

Devastating events can lead a person many different directions, some good and some not so good. Scars can last a long time. We have...
Ask Dr. Robyn

How to Talk to Kids about Conflict, Dignity and Bullying

Dr. Robyn Silverman talks with Rosalind Wiseman on how to talk to kids about conflict, dignity and bullying and treating others with respect.

Is Brazilian Ju-jitsu Kosen Judo?

This video discusses the history of Gracie jiu jitsu and Kosen Judo.
The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends

The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends: The Journey to Mountain Temple

Produced by the Martial Arts History Museum, The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends: The Journey to Mountain Temple is Book One in a...

Renbukai Karate

Renbukai Karate is renowned as a full-contact martial arts style. It was the first style to make extensive use of Bogu (protective equipment) in...

The Gracie UFC Conspiracy

Learn how Gracie Jiu-Jitsu shocked the mixed martial arts world by organizing the Ultimate Fighting Championship to promote the effectiveness of BJJ vs. MMA....
To lead people, walk behind them. Lao Tzu


To lead people, walk behind them. Lao Tzu To maintain order in the smooth and efficient functioning of civilized society, it is preferable for one...
The Shaolin Butterfly Style Book

The Shaolin Butterfly Style – Art of Transformation

Sifu Michael Fuchs is proud to announce the release of his book, The Shaolin Butterfly Style - Art of Transformation. This book unveils to...
Real Warrior Wisdom

Real Warrior Wisdom

In the Real Warrior Wisdom section of USAdojo.com you will find fantastic articles by men and women who continually make a difference in the...
Harry Mok Weapon Training

Internal Healing

What is the best fighting art to take? A punch is a punch and a kick is a kick. It’s about the individual who applies it. All martial arts have something to offer.
Mind Body and Spirit

Mind, Body, and Spirit in the Martial Arts

It's impossible to completely separate the elements of mind, body, and spirit because we as human beings need the mix of the three to...
Out of Control Ego in the Martial Arts

Out of Control Egos in the Martial Arts

The martial arts world has changed in many ways since I entered its halls of honor, respect, and integrity. Don’t get me wrong, in...

Scott Grove Shares About His DragonForce Ninjas Martial Arts Video Game

Scott Grove shared with USAdojo.com about creating his DragonForce Ninjas martial arts video game and the Sensei App that goes along with the game....
Nicholas Moreno Teaching

Dangers of Watered Down Martial Arts

It was a hot summer in 1995 when I had my very first experience with martial arts. My instructor turned my entire perception about...