Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide

Disarm and Disable by Joey Walker

In a perfect world, no one would indiscriminately use a firearm to shoot and kill any number of innocent people – and if they tried, law enforcement would be there to stop the killer.

But we live in an imperfect world where attackers normally target unsuspecting victims. Trained professionals are seldom there to fight back.

When seconds count, it’s imperative for everyday citizens to learn how to disarm and disable attackers. In this guide, learn how to:

– Take evasive and life-saving measures from sniper fire;
– Avoid the sixteen deadly errors of active shooter defense training;
– Utilize tactics and techniques to maximize your chances of survival during an active shooting;
– Ambush, disarm and disable the shooter should you come face to face.

Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide was created for those worst-case scenarios, when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time – with no trained professionals there to help.

While escaping a kill zone is one option, there may come a time when the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to ambush, Disarm and Disable the shooter.