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Tino Tuiolosega's LimaLama

LimaLama The Hand of Wisdom

Limalama is an American Polynesian art of self-defense, created and founded by Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega. The word LIMALAMA means “The Hand of Wisdom”. It is...

LUA: A Fighting Chance

Secretly, in the dark of night, the ancient warriors practiced the deadly moves involved in the art of self defense called Lua (Kapu Kuialua)....

Mitchell Eli On Lua

An in depth conversation with Mitchell Eli, a master of the ancient Hawaiian martial art of Lua. https://youtu.be/HB0Re_5kO54 https://youtu.be/ryd6gIkqjLI https://youtu.be/gC8BTG5HAt0 https://youtu.be/LmqhU1FWng4