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Articles about traditional weapons on USAdojo.com.

Wood, Metal, Bamboo – Usage of the Japanese Sword

In the following few paragraphs I want to explain the “nuts and bolts” and the “hows and wherefores” for the usage of  the Japanese...

Basic Sword Concepts with Padded Combative Weapons

Dana Abbott discusses how warriors have been educated since the beginning of time and how training with padded combative weapons improve training. I want to...

Negative Impact of Repetition Type Drills in Stick Fighting

The patterned sound of click clack, click clack, click clack is heard as the modern stick fighter's weapon goes through various repetition type drills...

The Staff: A Remarkable Weapon

The Staff is a simple, but remarkable weapon. From humble beginnings the staff has aided mankind throughout history. In many countries, stories have been interwoven...

Samurai Weapons

Throughout the history of the Samurai, Samurai weapons included different size swords, daggers, spears and more necessary for different types of kills. The age of...

What are the Best Weapons For You?

In the 17th century there was no choice. The island of Okinawa was under Japanese rule and there existed a national ban on weapons....

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