NA MEA KAUA HAWAI’I – The Traditional Hawaiian Weapons of War

Hawaiian weapons were carved out of Koa wood. Clubs were often inlaid with shell or bone for decoration. In some cases like the Hawaiian Lei o Mano or the shark tooth club, bone, rock, shell or shark teeth were used in place of metal for the purpose of tearing or piercing flesh. Each club has a specific use and targets a specific part of the body.

The ancient Hawaiian instruments of war were created from wood and cordage, and tooth and bone. Some of these weapons are taught in the Hawaiian martial art of Lua.

iHE – Short Spear

iHE LAUMEKI – Short Spear with Barbed Edges

iWi – Human Bone Knife

KA’ANE – Strangling Cord

KAMEHAMEHA – Throwing Axe

KAO LELE – Dart or Javelin

KO‘OKO‘O – Cane used for close-range fencing

KO’O – Staff

KU’EKU’E – Knuckle Duster

LA’ AU PALAU – Long-Handled Club

LEi-O-Mano – Wrap-Around Shark Tooth War Club

MA’A and MA’A ALA – Sling and Stone

MAKA PAHOA – Double-Edge Eye Dagger

NEWA – Hawaiian War Club

NIHO-manō hoe (Shark-Tooth War Paddle or War Canoe Oar)


PAHOA – Dagger

PIKO’I – Tripping Cord or Hurling Club attached to a 20’ cord

POLOLU – Battle Pike


PAPAHOLUA SLED – Surfing down mountains

Michelle Manu: The Queen of Lua

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