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You can read Black Belt Magazine articles from one of the world’s leading self-defense magazines that is dedicated to classical and the modern eclectic martial arts. Black Belt Magazine was first published in 1961 Black Belt Magazine features interviews with the world’s most prestigious martial artists as well as historical pieces on the philosophies of various combat styles. You will also find in-depth coverage of the latest techniques, weapons, self-defense systems, training regimens and industry trends. (Web Site)

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“A picture is worth 1,000 words; an action is worth 1,000 pictures.” — Jhoon Rhee For decades, we've known Jhoon Rhee as the father of taekwondo in America. Without digging too deep into our memories, most of us could tell you that the master is based in Washington, D.C., and that he's trained elected officials on Capitol Hill for years. Some may also know that Jhoon Rhee was instrumental in the development of martial arts sparring gear back in the 1970s and that in 1983 he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Man of the Year. In martial [...]
Tue, May 23, 2017
Source: Black Belt Magazine
Before you dig into this post, would you like to read Part 1? If so, go here now. Regardless of specifics, from the time of the first Kamakura shogun, Zen Buddhism had found its foothold in ancient Japan, and its impact was imminent. One key point that Winston L. King brought up (see Bibliography) was that Zen monks did not enter into politics to advance in the imperial court. He gave three rather lengthy reasons for this lack of political striving: Zen, by nature, was anti-institutional; its timing was such that it was not introduced during a warring period; and its monks [...]
Wed, May 17, 2017
Source: Black Belt Magazine
People today may find it unusual to think of religious philosophy as the backbone of military training, yet that's just what we find when we examine the military class of early Japan. Westerners are often confused by the term “religious philosophy” because in the West, those two subjects are distinct schools of thought. Until recently in Japan, however, there was no separation: They were connected in the sense that religion was philosophy acted out as a way of living. One of the more popular Eastern religions, Zen, concentrates on living life to the utmost in the here and now, as opposed [...]
Wed, May 10, 2017
Source: Black Belt Magazine
Where You've Seen Her: The Biggest Loser Martial Arts Experience: karate, muay Thai, akarui-do As inspirational stories go, this one's pretty remarkable. Start with a 5-foot-2-inch, 175-pound, 14-year-old girl who's devoted to junk food and facing the emotional trauma of her parents' impending divorce. Give the mother the foresight to enroll her daughter in a local karate dojo, hoping that maybe the sensei will straighten her out. Let the instructor's cutting assessment of her constant snacking sink to her deepest sense of self and spark a permanent shift in behavior. Give her a few years to establish herself as a serious force [...]
Tue, May 02, 2017
Source: Black Belt Magazine
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