Indian Styles of martial arts from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka such as Gatka and Kalaripayattu.

ACCS: Advanced Commando Combat System

Development of Military Martial Arts: Military Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Arts are very different from Civilian Martial Arts. Tracing the development of Military Martial Arts (Now also...

About Gatka

Gatka is commonly referred to as an India Martial art. Specifically Gatka refers to the martial art used by the of northern India. Actually...

Kalaripayattu or Kalari

Kalari or Kalaripayattu – the Mother of Martial Arts The origins of the ancient martial art of Kalari-payattu are lost in hoary antiquity. According...

Birth Of A New Martial Art

MUMBAI: The city of Mumbai knew Javed Khan as a leading exponent of taekwondo. Today he is known as the originator of a new...

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