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Bram Frank is ``In The Spotlight``

Bram Frank is an original student of Remy Presas and Modern Arnis. He is the founder of Common Sense Self Defense / Street Combat Inc. and an expert in every way the term is used in the martial arts. In this video he discusses how Modern Arnis is based on the Bolo, a blade, and not a stick. It is not a stick art and “you gotta know where the sharp is”. You can study online with one of the BEST knife experts around on Bram Frank Online. Visit Bram’s new website at CSSD-SC to purchase books, knives and more.

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Stephen Spivey Survival Guide

System Continuity, A Key Component in a Self Defense System

A Must Have There are many key components that make up a good reality based self defense system. Knowing the psychology of an aggressor, using...
Stephen Spivey Survival Guide

Is There a Caveman Lurking Inside You?

Our intuitive senses and instinctive reactions have been dulled by modern conveniences and "fingertip" technology. Society is also more "civilized", governed by laws and...

Systems and Styles

Koo Self Defense

Koo Self Defense

Koo Self Defense was developed in Cartersville, Georgia, USA by Master Roger Koo in 1992 following 20+ years of traditional Martial Arts training (32...
Ronnie Colwell

History of Jyu-Jutsu

Muay Thai


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Bullycide: Death at Playtime – An Expose of Child Suicide Caused...

Whilst the UK government focuses on the war in Iraq, the war in British schools and playgrounds which leaves at least 16 children dead...

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Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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Dave Bendigkeit

Dave Bendigkeit Shintaikido

David Clark Tang Soo Do

David Clark: Tang Soo Do

Jose Fraguas

Jose Fraguas

My Perspective

My Perspective

Martial Arts Curriculum

USAdojo Advisors

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Living Lessons

Living Lessons with Duke Tirschel

One Breath Away

I couldn't see why anyone would visit someone who was at home sick in bed. They need their rest, the peace and the quiet....

Business of Teaching

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Interesting Statistics About Israel

Interesting Statistics About Israel

Here are lots of amazing facts about Israel, the small county that declared independence in 1948. It borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, the Red...

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