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CONTRALAND (2020): The Facts on Child Trafficking

Non-Profit organization Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) gathers the facts on child trafficking to alert and empower the American populace on the issue. We must do a better job of safeguarding the world’s children.

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Why Study Martial Arts

Kids Participating in Martial Arts

10 Things Learned by Kids Participating in Martial Arts

Martialinfo shared this great list of 10 things kids learn from studying the martial arts! To parents that have little experience with the world of...

The Evolution of Online Martial Arts Training

There was a quiet but significant evolution taking place in the world of martial arts and that was online martial arts training. Fueled by...

Systems and Styles

Noah Gross Israeli Martial Arts History

Israeli Martial Arts – A Look Into History

Google the term Israeli martial arts and you get over 1.7 million pages. A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry will reveal two short lines...

Safety Center

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Kid Being Bullied

Saved By The Bee: From Victim to Victor

I had thought I was weak. In my mind I had seen myself as a victim. This moment transformed me from victim to victor....

Fun and Family

Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

Martial Arts Advertising

Martial Arts Entertainment

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Who's Who

Meet Instructors

Avi Nardia KAPAP

Avi Nardia KAPAP

Nathan Young

My Perspective

My Perspective

Martial Arts Curriculum

USAdojo Advisors

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Living Lessons


The Old Japanese Fisherman

I have many fond memories of martial arts events from my childhood in Hawaii. There are things I will never forget, like watching the...

Business of Teaching

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Training Articles


Duvdevan: Israel’s Most Elite Counter Terrorist Unit

Duvdevan, a SF (Special Forces) group within the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is considered the most elite CT (counter terrorist) unit in Israel. Formed...

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