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Reality-Based Personal Protection

Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection will not only teach you the most up-to-date police, military, security, bodyguard, martial arts, and counterterrorism techniques and training...

What Kind of Martial Arts Are There

There are many ways in which martial arts can be divided. Here are a few of them that might be useful to use in...

Systems and Styles

The Djurus of Pentjak Silat

Silat is a term generally used to define the indigenous arts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Southern Philippines, countries comprising a cast archipelago of...

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AMPD Magazine Video Interviews

AMPD Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that shows the beauty of martial arts with coverage of professional martial arts events, promoters, fighters, coaches, and masters of the arts.

Not Forgotten

Hans Ingebretsen Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and Kodenkan Judo

Sensei Hans Ingebretsen has been studying Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and Kodenkan Judo for 31 years, and holds the rank of Godan in Danzan...

Helio Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

At the age of 17, Helio Gracie (pronounced Eh'leeo) first stepped into the ring in Brazil to face a boxer named Antonio Portugal. Helio...

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The Role of Chuck Norris In Our Lives

The role of Chuck Norris has always been a positive one in our lives. It started for my family when I was only 4...

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Iran – The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization

America is a relatively safe place. However, a regime halfway around the world could destroy our way of life. From the beginning, the current Iranian...

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Kyusho and Chi

Russell Stutely

Making your Martial Arts Work

You have to earn the right to land your technique! How do we earn that right? How do we put ourselves in a position...
Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas Kyusho Jitsu Expert

Grand Master Chris Thomas od Chris Thomas Martial Arts, is a master instructor of self-defense, unarmed combat, and classical fighting methods, who has studied,...

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Martial Arts World Radio

Two hours of interviews and perspectives with yesterday’s and today’s top traditional martial artists, UFC fighters, and Action Martial Arts Stars.

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Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

One of the top martial arts podcasts on the web featuring interviews, featuring practitioners of karate, taekwondo, kung fu, aikido and more.