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Why Study Martial Arts

What Kind of Martial Arts Are There

There are many ways in which martial arts can be divided. Here are a few of them that might be useful to use in...

Can Training DVDs Teach Techniques as Well as Humans?

In recent years there's been a boom in the sales of martial arts training DVDs designed to teach certain skill sets to viewers. As...

Systems and Styles

Tai Chi Chuan

Speak to your friends who do Karate or Tae Kwon Do about Tai Chi Chuan and they will tell you it is a slow...

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AMPD Magazine Video Interviews

AMPD Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that shows the beauty of martial arts with coverage of professional martial arts events, promoters, fighters, coaches, and masters of the arts.

Not Forgotten

Richard Bustillo Student of Bruce Lee Passes

Richard Bustillo was internationally recognized as an expert in the martial arts. With over 45 years of experience, Bustillo possessed a wealth of knowledge...

Fu Sheng Yuan Yang Style Taijiquan

Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan was born in 1931. He is the son of Fu Zhong Wen and Zou Kuei Cheng, who was the great grand...

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My Perspective

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Taking Care of Yourself

I am sure that you know this, but.... It never ceases to amaze me how many really smart people fail to see the connection between...

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Get Real: America – Soft Targets Among Us!

Before I begin, and out of great appreciation, I want to thank Dana Stamos and USAdojo.com for inviting me to write  “Get Real”. This...

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Kyusho and Chi

Russell Stutely Hidden Secrets

Martial Arts The Hidden Secrets – The Order of Things Chapter 2

Rather than the usual layout of chapters etc within a book. I have set out to introduce you to the “secrets” of Karate in...
Tai Chi Is Just Ordinary Boxing

Pressure Point Fighting in Tai Chi

In the early 80's, I wrote some articles about tai chi. After one of them, a letter to the editor from a tai chi...

Honors Past and Present

Martial Arts World Radio

Two hours of interviews and perspectives with yesterday’s and today’s top traditional martial artists, UFC fighters, and Action Martial Arts Stars.

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Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

One of the top martial arts podcasts on the web featuring interviews, featuring practitioners of karate, taekwondo, kung fu, aikido and more.