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Power vs. Technique

A common refrain heard at many McDojo’s is the hyperbolic truism that “Size/Strength doesn't matter.” Do me a favor. If you ever hear a sensei...

Stand and Hit or Ground and Submit?

Are you a good "ground fighter"? Maybe you prefer a stand-up style of self-defense or martial arts? In a self-defense situation (not a competition),...

Systems and Styles

Tai Chi Grand Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi means "grand ultimate fist." Tai Chi is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It is so old that its origins...

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My Perspective

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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Martial Arts With Instructor Colleges and Business Boot Camps scheduled all over the country, I am doing a...

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Iran – The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization

America is a relatively safe place. However, a regime halfway around the world could destroy our way of life. From the beginning, the current Iranian...

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