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CHRIS THOMAS of Kyusho-Jitsu Kenkyukai teaches Kyusho-jitsu Theory in this video from his Master Class series. You can find online training with Chris Thomas on the KJK website.

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Is There a Caveman Lurking Inside You?

Our intuitive senses and instinctive reactions have been dulled by modern conveniences and "fingertip" technology. Society is also more "civilized", governed by laws and...

Which Tai Chi Style Is Right For You?

The Chinese martial arts talk a lot about internal power and the use of chi (or qi) energy. In any discussion of internal martial...

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Israeli CQB

There are two kinds of fights: for your Ego or for your life. CQB is made to fight for your life “Always a student, sometimes a...

Message in a Bottle

Rip Harder with Athlon Rub


Bully Proof Your Child

"If your child is a bully victim, they might be glad schools are closed for holidays. But Morne Swanepoel, an accomplished street-mma-fighter, is changing...

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Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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Right From Wrong

When Bankei held his seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend. During one of these gatherings a pupil was...

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Suicide Killers: The Psychology Behind Suicide Bombings

One of the guests was Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker who has filmed six documentaries on the intifada by going undercover in the Palestinian...

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Leading Edge Threat Mitigation

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