Women In Stunts

CHRIS THOMAS of Kyusho-Jitsu Kenkyukai teaches Kyusho-jitsu Theory in this video from his Master Class series. You can find online training with Chris Thomas on the KJK website.

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How to Determine A Fraudulent Martial Arts Instructor

by Christian Whitney ~ This is a controversial issue. Many websites on the Internet have articles regarding how best to spot a fraudulent instructor. A...

Power vs. Technique

A common refrain heard at many McDojo’s is the hyperbolic truism that “Size/Strength doesn't matter.” Do me a favor. If you ever hear a sensei...

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Chuck Norris’ Martial Arts Style Chun Kuk Do

Chun Kuk Do (pronounced chun gook do) means The Universal Way. It was originally developed by Chuck Norris during his unprecedented fighting career as...

Message in a Bottle

Rip Harder with Athlon Rub



Bully Proof Your Child

"If your child is a bully victim, they might be glad schools are closed for holidays. But Morne Swanepoel, an accomplished street-mma-fighter, is changing...

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Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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Nine Healthy Eating Guidelines

I will be the first to admit that the whole subject of what and how to eat can be extremely confusing. There is much...


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Terrorism is the uncontrolled enemy of all and must be fought by all nations together. It is anti-terrorism, through the use of education, that...


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