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Why Study Martial Arts

Why Do Competitive Sports

Is learning competitive sports like boxing and the lessons learned restricted solely to the ring? For a very long time researchers have been unable to...

System Continuity, A Key Component in a Self Defense System

A Must Have There are many key components that make up a good reality based self defense system. Knowing the psychology of an aggressor, using...

Systems and Styles

Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do – The Art of Fighting Without...

The bully poses the question, “What style are you? “And Bruce responds, “The art of fighting without fighting.” The bully repeats the response like...

Message in a Bottle




Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

By Chris Elkins, MA ~ Bullying transcends childish acts such as teasing, rough housing or joking around. It can be a dangerous activity with devastating...

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Learn the Sword With Shihan Dana Abbott

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story

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My Perspective

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story


Living Lessons

Master Aaron Banks and Old School . . . Osu

It is 1993, the vision of the Sport Karate Museum was already in my head and Johnny Kuhl had given me Master Aaron Bank's...


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Our Ticking Bomb Is Political Correctness

July has been a cruel month. A shocking attack by suicide terrorists left 56 morning commuters in London dead. Scarcely two weeks later, three...


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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story