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Mystery of the Mountain – Character Development

The Way in the universe cannot be augmented or diminished. Neither can it be taken or be given away. Man must find this out...

Young Bo Kong: Board Breaking Builds Confidence

The ability to smash stacks of wood, piles of bricks and giant slabs of ice with a single appendage demonstrates the power that can...

Systems and Styles

Peter Lorge The History of Chinese Martial Arts By Dynasty Part...

Peter Lorge on Chinese Martial Arts: From Antiquity to the 21st Century Part 2 In the beginning of 2012, Peter Lorge, an Assistant Professor of...

Message in a Bottle




Bullycide: Death at Playtime – An Expose of Child Suicide Caused...

Whilst the UK government focuses on the war in Iraq, the war in British schools and playgrounds which leaves at least 16 children dead...

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Learn the Sword With Shihan Dana Abbott

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story

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My Perspective

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story


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MMA in Malaysia, The Sport of a New Generation

The bell rings, and Malaysian national san da team member Raymond Tiew flies out of his corner, ready to do battle. His opponent, Kong...


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Suicide Killers Documentary

Suicide Killers documentary takes the audience on a disturbing journey deep into a culture that few can comprehend – that of suicide bombers. Filmmaker Pierre...


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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story