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Learning Martial Arts By Video

Traditional martial artists frequently scoff at the idea of learning martial arts by video, arguing that you need a live instructor to guide you...

The T-Ballification of America’s Youth

I can directly link the sense of entitlement and lack of motivation our youth expresses today to the day we stopped teaching them to hit...

Systems and Styles

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun literally means, "beautiful springtime," or "radiant springtime." It is sometimes called "Wing Shun" or "Wing Tsun." This style of Wushu was the...

Message in a Bottle

Rip Harder with Athlon Rub



Stomp The Bullying

Stomp The Bullying tackles the bullying epidemic “Stomp the Bullying” is a concept that 25 year Guardian Angel and international martial arts expert Sean P. Kelley...

Safety Center

Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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My Perspective

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story


Living Lessons

MMA in Malaysia, The Sport of a New Generation

The bell rings, and Malaysian national san da team member Raymond Tiew flies out of his corner, ready to do battle. His opponent, Kong...


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Protect America’s Trade Secrets: Economic Espionage

The Cold War has ended and many thought that this would end the need for spying and espionage.  Of course, this was not the...


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Leading Edge Threat Mitigation