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Why Study Martial Arts

Is There a Caveman Lurking Inside You?

Our intuitive senses and instinctive reactions have been dulled by modern conveniences and "fingertip" technology. Society is also more "civilized", governed by laws and...

Martial Arts Training For Children: A Parents Guide

Introduction At the surface, martial arts training is very attractive to both parents and children alike for many different reasons. With so much time and...

Systems and Styles

Muay Thai Chakrit – A Brooklyn Monk in Bangkok

Coach Adjan Chakrit teaches Muay Thai Chaki style, he moves in circles, holding up the focus mitts, he calls out the commands. “One, one...

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My Perspective

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I’ll Hear Jesus

Some evangelists are too emotional for me. They think their way with words, the clever way they coin a phrase and how they say what it is they...

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Kassem Eid 2013 Chemical Attack Survivor Speaks Out

Kassem Eid, who survived the August 2013 chemical gas attack in Syria where more than 1400 people were killed, shares his horrrible experience after...

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