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Positive Psychology in Martial Arts

I have had several jobs and careers as a physician, researcher, scientist, psychology professor, life coach, hypnotherapist, artist, and personal trainer. But first and foremost, I am a...

School, Culture or Why Do Martial Artists Act So Wierd

If you've never been exposed to the martial arts, the first thing you'll probably notice when you walk into a martial-arts school for the...

Systems and Styles

History of Judo

The first known meeting of Kodokan judo and any American occurred in 1879, when President U.S. Grant was in Japan on a state visit...

Message in a Bottle

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Understanding Bullying

The CDC believes that understanding bullying is crucial. Bullying is a form of youth violence defined as any unwanted aggressive behavior(s) by another youth...

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Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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My Perspective

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story

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Living Lessons: To Be Offended Or Not To Be Offended

I was recently in Australia with my daughter. We had great time doing a series of seminars. In the middle of the trip, we...

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Terrorism Around Us

September 11 attacks and suicide bombing was something new for most Americans but for many terror victims around the world such as Israel, Russia,...

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Leading Edge Threat Mitigation