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Bram Frank is ``In The Spotlight``

Bram Frank is an original student of Remy Presas and Modern Arnis. He is the founder of Common Sense Self Defense / Street Combat Inc. and an expert in every way the term is used in the martial arts. In this video he discusses how Modern Arnis is based on the Bolo, a blade, and not a stick. It is not a stick art and “you gotta know where the sharp is”. You can study online with one of the BEST knife experts around on Bram Frank Online. Visit Bram’s new website at CSSD-SC to purchase books, knives and more.

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Can Training DVDs Teach Techniques as Well as Humans?

In recent years there's been a boom in the sales of martial arts training DVDs designed to teach certain skill sets to viewers. As...
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How to Choose the Right Martial Art Style

Many people end up studying a martial art style that is not particularly well-suited to their body type and personal goals. I don't know...

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Kapap Logo

Behind the Headlines: The Yamam and Israeli Kapap/CQB Training

Kapap was the first CQB training introduced in Israel and was based on stick fighting, knives, guns, hand-to-hand and even stone throwing in the...
Javed Khan's Khan-Do-kwan

Birth Of A New Martial Art


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Dr. Clifford L. Thomas TKD Ramblers Workshop

Anti-Bullying Workshop Opens Eyes

About 150 people attend an anti-bullying workshop with presentations on how to deal with bullies, and threatening behavior. by Alice Popovici ~ Anna Hornberger,...

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Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

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My Perspective

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Dave Kovar

Running A Martial Arts School

I love the Martial Arts. I thoroughly enjoy teaching martial arts. I continue to be in awe of what martial arts do for people....

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Ticking Bomb

Our Ticking Bomb Is Political Correctness

July has been a cruel month. A shocking attack by suicide terrorists left 56 morning commuters in London dead. Scarcely two weeks later, three...

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