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Young Bo Kong: Board Breaking Builds Confidence

The ability to smash stacks of wood, piles of bricks and giant slabs of ice with a single appendage demonstrates the power that can...

The Evolution of Martial Arts – Training Online

There was a quiet but significant evolution taking place in the world of martial arts and that was online martial arts training. Fueled by...

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Hanmudo is a cousin of Hapkido and was founded by Grandmaster He-Young Kimm. Hapkido is more aggressive and harder in nature. Hanmudo uses the same...

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Living Lessons: Brief Moments of Clarity

Brief Moments of Clarity was born of author Dave Kovar's ongoing quest to learn how he could be at his best - emotionally, spiritually,...

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Get Real: America – Soft Targets Among Us!

Before I begin, and out of great appreciation, I want to thank Dana Stamos and USAdojo.com for inviting me to write  “Get Real”. This...

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