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Humiliation: It Does the Fighter Good

Humiliation is good for you - martial artist or not - even if it stings the ego a little if it gives you the...

Reality-Based Personal Protection

Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection will not only teach you the most up-to-date police, military, security, bodyguard, martial arts, and counterterrorism techniques and training...

Systems and Styles

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Groundfighting Dissected

Anyone who's been involved in the martial arts for the past 10 years has heard of Gracie jujitsu ("GJJ"). A Brazilian modification of old-time...

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Enjoy the Party

Enjoy the party while it's going on . . . Sometimes life feels like a party, other times it feels like a battle. I think...

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Suicide Bomber 101

“Homicide Bombers will be the next wave of attacks in this country .” With the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, we realize that Howard...

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