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The Vigilance Standard In Self Defense

Our society is becoming more violent. Violent crimes increase daily and yet, our world is more integrated than ever. We travel more, commute from...

How to Start Martial Arts The Right Way

If you want to start martial arts, first sort through the best-known martial arts and pick the art that's best for you. You're looking for a...

Systems and Styles

RMCAT Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training

What RMCAT is instructing is effective and applied self defense for today's world. You can do far more to protect yourself than you may...

Message in a Bottle




Bullycide: Death at Playtime – An Expose of Child Suicide Caused...

Whilst the UK government focuses on the war in Iraq, the war in British schools and playgrounds which leaves at least 16 children dead...

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Learn the Sword With Shihan Dana Abbott

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story

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My Perspective

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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story


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Living Lessons: Own Your Corner

Years ago, there was a grade school just up the street from our first house. It was located on a rather busy intersection, especially...


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Suicide Killers Documentary

Suicide Killers documentary takes the audience on a disturbing journey deep into a culture that few can comprehend – that of suicide bombers. Filmmaker Pierre...


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Life In Session: The Senior Master Bob White Story