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MasterClass Training With Chris Thomas

In the above video, “Reflections from the MasterClass,” Chris Thomas discusses the kata Wansu, also known as Empi, and with the help of Arash Ardalan, looks at an interesting application. MasterClass with Chris Thomas offers hundreds of videos and hours of instruction online and is an unparalleled resource for the serious martial artist.

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Why Study Martial Arts

Soke Teruo Hayashi Teaching

Choosing the Best Martial Arts School for Your Children and You

This is a very in depth look at choosing the best martial arts school for your children and for you. Linda Davis-Kyle has done...
Martial Arts Training DVD's

Can Training DVDs Teach Techniques as Well as Humans?

In recent years there's been a boom in the sales of martial arts training DVDs designed to teach certain skill sets to viewers. As...

Systems and Styles

Ronnie Colwell

History of Jyu-Jutsu

The origins of Jyu-Jutsu are lost in the mist of time, but certainly stretch over two thousand years ago, the book of ancient matters...

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Kid Being Bullied

Saved By The Bee: From Victim to Victor

I had thought I was weak. In my mind I had seen myself as a victim. This moment transformed me from victim to victor....

Fun and Family

Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

Martial Arts Advertising

Martial Arts Entertainment

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My Perspective

My Perspective

Martial Arts Curriculum

USAdojo Advisors

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Living Lessons

Dave Kovar's Living Lessons

Dave Kovar: My First Teaching Experience

In just a few short decades, Martial Arts has traveled from being an obscure, cult-like obsession of just a few to a mainstream, worldwide...

Business of Teaching

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Intel 101 - Evaluating Evidence

Intel 101 – Evaluating Evidence

As seen in the recent Boston bombing tragedy, past intelligence is very important when attempting to find a lead or capture a suspect. On...

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