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Joe Rogan Asks Gina Carano About Pioneering Women's MMA

On The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan talks with actress and former mixed martial artists Gina Carano about pioneering women’s MMA.

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Why Study Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts Vs Traditional Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts Versus Traditional Martial Arts

Who will win the battle between traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts schools? The traditional martial arts have been around for ages and...
Martial Arts Belts

Proper Martial Arts Ranks and Titles

Originally in Okinawa there were 15 ranks for Black Belt and these ranks ended with the Gold Belt. Yes, 15! In Japan, as martial...

Systems and Styles

John Leong

Respect and Discipline: Grandmaster John Leong Honors Tradition

Grandmaster John Leong doesn't look like a man approaching seventy. He certainly doesn't act like one. Every morning he gets up at 5:00 AM...

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Bullying A Crime

Bullying, Once A Silent Battle, Now A Crime

TAMPA, Fla. - In a Tampa middle school locker room, prosecutors say four flag football players held down a younger teammate and committed a...

Fun and Family

Fariborz Azhakh on Teaching Life Skills

Martial Arts Entertainment

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My Perspective

My Perspective

Martial Arts Curriculum

USAdojo Advisors

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Living Lessons

The Olivet Eagles Middle School Football Players Execute Life Changing Play

As part of their continuing series "Living Lessons," Steve Hartman meets the Olivet Eagles, a middle school football team who took a fledgling player...

Business of Teaching

Aristotle Quote

COURAGE in Judo and in Life

John Graden

Black Belt Eyes and MMA

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Economic Espionage

Protect America’s Trade Secrets: Economic Espionage

The Cold War has ended and many thought that this would end the need for spying and espionage.  Of course, this was not the...

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