Carlos Machado One of the World’s Greatest Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fighters

Carlos Machado has emerged as one of the world’s greatest Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighters and instructors. His victories on the mat in Brazil were legendary, like the time he defeated one of Brazil’s toughest fighters, a competitor that was a member of the Brazilian Olympic judo team and long time champion. In front of 20,000 spectators the fledgling black belt toppled the judo champion and in one match went from underdog to national hero.

As the elder of the Machado family, Carlos and his five brothers have more than 30 years of experience in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After winning every title to be had in their own country they moved to the United States where they began teaching Jiu Jitsu after their family name.

In addition to teaching the throwing, grappling, choking, and locking skills associated with the art, Carlos has incorporated some of his basic lifestyle beliefs. Carlos believes that the martial arts are a bridge for building positive relationships.

“The purpose of the martial arts is not to turn a person into a fighter,” Carlos explains. “But the art should ultimately help someone to become a better person.”

In addition to respecting other styles, Carlos teaches his students about nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle. By forging these elements together, Carlos shapes champions on the mat and champions in life.

Teaching Machado Brazilian Jij Jitsu at his two schools in Dallas and Arlington Texas Carlos has helped the Machado Team to continue their winning ways at the Pan American and World Championships for the past 5 years.

Carlos is no stranger to victories in these illustrious contests, having won several Pan American titles in addition to a being a world champion in games last August. When asked how he does it, especially against younger and seasoned opponents, Carlos credits his brothers who are his training partners and coaches along with his healthy lifestyle.

Many famous names spend time on the mat with Carlos, such as, Chuck Norris and Bob Wall. In fact, it was Chuck Norris that helped Carlos and his brothers to establish their school in Los Angeles and Texas. Carlos and his brothers are working diligently to turn American fighters into the best competitors in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.