In conjunction with the US Archery Association Gordon Richiusa offers his Archery Certification Program for martial arts schools that allows schools to reap benefits offered by the US Archery Association.

We all know that archery is the number one fastest growing sport in the United States, so it is likely that many of your current martial arts students would like to learn archery and practice within a recognized association. USA Archery is the sanctioning body for Olympic style target shooting, and by using already existing and recognized curriculum we can move closer to bringing the western and eastern versions of the wonderful sport of archery together in a meaningful way. In addition martial arts school owners can broaden client appeal, while giving coaches and students greater opportunities to pursue success and significance.

Gordon Richiusa ArcherIf you are interested in becoming a certified archery coach, adding archery to your current curriculum or having archery competition at your next tournament, Gordon Richiusa is campaigning to bring the world’s of competitive martial arts and competitive archery “officially” together. USA Archery has put together a program and Gordon Richiusa is certified to train and to introduce you, your school or organization to USA Archery, the premier archery organization in the world.

Gordon Richiusa has practiced Archery since he was ten years old. He is ranked as a Grandmaster, 7th degree black belt, in Dux Ryu Archery, and is the Director of the Dux Ryu’s Archery program. He is president of the Laguna Woods Archery Club in California and is a certified Level 2 Instructor through the US Archery Association, the Olympic Archery sanctioning body.

What does this mean for you? Gordon Richiusa is offering his Archery Certification Program, archery training and teacher certification classes and, as a US Archery Level 2 instructor, he is authorized to teach classes, run sanctioned events and to certify coaches and instructors as Level 1 Instructors for USAA. If a USAA Certified Instructor,  and this includes Level 1 Instructors, are running an event, the event is supported by USAA! Support includes everything from training videos to liability insurance—at NO EXTRA COST to its certified members! This means you will be universally recognized through a fully accredited program and reap the benefits of that accreditation.

If you are interested in the Archery Certification Program and becoming a certified archery coach or having the instructors at your school become certified coaches, or if you want to add archery to your current curriculum, and/or add USAA sanctioned Archery to your competittive events, Gordon Richiusa’s program will allow you to do all of this while reaping the benefits offered by the US Archery Association.

For more information please contact Gordon Richiusa at Email Gordon Richiusa or call him at 949-206-0977.