Martial Arts Tournament Circuits

Tournament Center

Here is a list of martial arts tournament circuits that link to the circuit’s websites.  If you would like your tournament circuit added to the list please email us at info (at) martialartsenterprises (dot) com.

Amateur Atheletic Union Karate Web Site

Amateur Athletic Union Chinese Martial Arts

Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo Web Site

Alabama Karate Circuit

Amateur Organization of Karate

American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF)

American Karate Association

Colorado Karate Association

Golden State Karate Association

International Martial Arts Federation

International Karate Circuit

International Sports Karate Association

Kick USA


National All Styles

North American Federation of Martial Arts

North American Sport Karate Associations

National BlackBelt League

Pennsylvania Karate Rating Association

Professional Karate Commission

 Sport Martial Arts Association

Southern Martial Arts Association

The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation

United States Martial Arts Federation

United States Karate-Do Kai®

United States Karate Alliance

World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes

World Karate Federation

World Sports Karate Federation