Garrison Weapons Training System

Why is weapons training so important?
You can tell the parents of your students and your adult students that weapons training improves cognitive function and brain activity better than any other activity. This is the very best reason to add the Garrison Weapons Training System to your school, besides the fact that it helps with retention of students and keeps everyone excited about training and ranking.

Add a new dimension to your school!
The Garrison Weapons Training System offers training and rank in each individual weapon including Kali, Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Boken, Sai, Kama, Double Kali, Broadsword, and the Katana where graduation is live cutting!!! If you are already training your students in weapons, the Garrison Weapons Training System will allow you to let them rank using part of your own curriculum.

Weapons for success!
Children are fascinated by weapons, any weapon. Adults are too. They want to touch them. They want to know how they work. And most of all, they want to learn how to use them.

For more than three decades, Master David Garrison has made weapons training a standard part of his students training, and guess what? Instead of students, they become disciples! They become an army of advocates spreading the word on your behalf, helping to recruit new students and generating new streams of revenue helping you build a bigger and better school.

Help retain students with something they love!
When martial arts instruction becomes repetitive, interest wanes. Promising grade-schoolers migrate to soccer. Teenage prodigies wander off for high school sports. The dedicated lawyer or doctor is taking up golf. And that well-todo woman who’s been with you for years is starting to look bored. Regardless of your student demographics, you need to keep students interested and committed. Martial arts is not just an activity, it s a way of life — if you train your students successfully. The Garrison Weapons Training System helps you train your students successfully.

What is Garrison Weapons Training System!
The Garrison Weapons Training System program gives you the tools you need to become skilled in weapon arts, and this will allow you to become a proficient instructor, helping you excite existing students and recruit new students for your school.

The Garrison Weapons Training System is easy to learn, easy to teach, and it is comprehensive and profitable.

When you join our faculty, you become an authorized instructor of the Garrison Weapons Training System. We train you to lead your students all the way to Black Belt in weapons with even higher degrees available from the Garrison Weapons Training System through your guidance.

  • No previous weapons experience needed to add weapons training to your curriculum.
  • Simple, step-by-step videos and an easy-to-follow guide book teach you how to become a proficient weapons specialist in 10 primary weapons categories.
  • More importantly, we teach you how to teach weapons skills!
  • Master Garrison is available for Master Classes, seminars and clinics at your school.
  • Learn how to properly size, fit and sell weapons and accessories your students will want and need.
  • Learn how to MARKET your weapons curriculum to RETAIN existing students and RECRUIT new ones.
  • After your students reach Black Belt, there will be additional weapons training for higher Black Belt degrees.
  • We also offer a specific uniform and logo or you can use your own.

The Garrison Weapons Training System utilizes proven teaching methods which have been used to train successful competitors in tournaments around the world. Now these methods are available to you!

Become an authorized member of the Garrison Weapons Training System faculty today, and begin building the talents of your students and the popularity of your business and keep your students interested while your business grows.