Paxtial Arts Formula is a new approach to physical self defense interaction. This self-defense is based on simple engineering principles and an understanding of human kinetics.

Ed Parker Jr and his wife, Baer Parker, have put taken over 25 years to finish the overall structure of the Paxtial Arts Formula. The system can be taught in just a few days. Obviously it takes time to master, but the Paxtial Arts Formula was designed to be the most comprehensive tool in the learning of new self defense options.

With 80 years of combined teaching between them, Ed Parker Jr and Baer Parker, have produced an advanced and comprehensive curriculum which contains a visual teaching tool, a roadmap so to speak that provides a large volume of information in the most condensed format in order to aid teachers and students in an immersion course on the Paxtial Arts.

In the Paxtial Arts they work with redirection and relaxed motion in order to center and balance ourselves mentally and physically, this allows the Paxtial Artist to have a peaceful state of mind while simultaneously using fluid motion, and a soft touch in order to create off-balance in the aggressor both physically and mentally.

A main component of the Paxtial Arts Formula is to remain calm and relaxed; to nurture the Yin side of self, and not to feed the aggressive Yang side of self at all. An attacker plays on your tension and your energy. The more tense you become, the more aggressive an attacker becomes. The attacker has a predetermined mindset of how things are going to happen. When A plus B no longer equals C, the aggressor is completely thrown off mentally and physically.

So, does Paxtial Arts Formula work as an effective self-defense? It has been our discovery after 25 years of research, that the formula of Paxtial Arts not only works, but it far surpasses the original quest for an answer to that very question.

To see the value in this concept one must further define the types of physical confrontations that fit in an alternative self-defense response. To name but a few, these confrontations include: A drunken friend or family member; a school bully who might push, hit or restrain; or legal concerns about responding with physical violence to resolve the situation.

Paxtial Arts is a self-defense formula. However, it is not a style of Martial Arts, but rather a new category developed to provide a passive solution towards an aggressive outburst. Paxtial Arts’s primary focus is to establish a win / win outcome – where the fighting arts or aggressive physical philosophy is a win / lose outcome.

You can learn the Paxtial Arts Formula of self-defense and teach it in your martial arts school.

Paxtial Arts: The Art & Science of Peace

Paxtial Arts Formula on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.
Paxtial Arts Formula on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.

To contact Ed and Baer Parker about the Paxtial Arts Formula visit their listing on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory by clicking on the image on the left.

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