Let’s face it. A long day with the kids or a long day at work can leave the most patient moms feeling exhausted and irritable, but you don’t have to scream at your kids! As much as we love our kids, they know how to push our buttons. We all feel like yelling sometimes when things become overwhelming. Instead here are a few things to try first.

3 Things to Do Instead of Scream at Your Kids

1. Take a cue from your own parenting techniques, and give yourself a time out. Know More TV’s child development expert Dr. Robyn Silverman says when you feel like your blood is boiling and all you want to do is scream, go into your bedroom, the bathroom or the basement. While in your separate space, breathe in and out to relax your body and mind. Many yoga practices utilize this calming technique. After a minute or two, you’ll return to your children feeling more in control of your emotions.

2. Speak in a quiet but firm voice to your child. You’d be amazed at how lowering your voice gets your child’s attention. And speaking in a serious tone at the same time will let her know that you mean business.

3. Validate your child’s feelings. So, while your frustration stems from your child not listening to you, your child is likely feeling as though she’s not being heard either. Instead of screaming, take a breath, and acknowledge your child’s feelings. Maybe she’s upset her shoes not going on easily or she’ll really enjoying the TV show and can’t pull herself away. Yelling “Get your shoes on now” often yields the opposite behaviors. You will feel better and you will see the results you want if you say instead, “It can be tough to get your shoes on.”

I’m Lucy Segal for know more TV. Live smart. Be healthy. Know more.