Are You Prepared for a Violent Street Attack?

I’m always bemused by the fact that most people don’t consider adding any type of self-defense training to their life skills? Perfectly intelligent people have deluded themselves into believing that they can handle any sudden violent street attack without any training. This is beyond mind-boggling? That’s exactly the same as not being familiar with the basics of first-aid!

Just as with first-aid, it’s vital to recognize what is happening, or what can happen – and then to take an appropriate course of action. If a member of your family suddenly had an extreme head or chest pain, knowing the difference between a stroke and a heart attack would certainly make a world of difference to their survival.

What You Will Need
Similarly, being able to recognize the pre-indicators of a violent street attack can greatly enhance your chances. An RBT (Reality-Based-Training) course that includes situational and environmental awareness, recognizing how to avoid confrontations, and most importantly gaining the physical skills necessary to nullify and escape an attack can potentially save your life.

What Are Your Risks
Street violence can come instantly out of nowhere, and be life-threatening – weapons are often used. The state of violence today can come from many sources including racial and religious extremists, psychopaths, criminals, home invasions, street gangs and home-grown terrorist organizations such as antifa. Looking for self-defense training in martial arts and fight sports will never prepare you for a violent street attack – that’s not what they teach!

Having Trained in the Past Doesn’t Mean you are Prepared
Some students who have done some training in the past often try to convince themselves that previous training is like riding a bicycle, that it will automatically kick-in once the need arises? However nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter how much you have trained in the past, unless you are currently maintaining your skills they won’t be of any use to you now. Individuals who have previously trained in fight programs know that continual reinforcement is required for any physical activity to become operational.

The Reality of the Street
The most important difference between self-defense training and martial arts is knowing that a violent street attack is not a competition, you don’t have to stay there – you can run, you can neutralize the attack and escape to safety. In addition, you will not get any assistance from bystanders, they will be too busy recording your beating on their phones – and the police, they won’t arrive until it’s too late.

Minimal Training
I understand, many people go to school, have careers and families but isn’t 1-hour a week training worth saving your life and/or the lives of your family?

If you only intend to train once a month, or less, you might as well just get comfortable on your couch, watch some kung fu movies and fantasize about your defensive abilities. Imagine trying to learn the piano – will practicing once a week help you progress?

Here are a few examples of what we are dealing with:

Here is a video link showing a violent street attack where a man throws a woman against a train in New York. What would you do in this situation?

A judge released a convicted murder who had committed a violent street attack on the streets in New York. Essentially, many leftist judges and lawmakers have been releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets as a matter of course – how will you deal with this, this criminal killed a man and was found with a 357 Magnum in his car.

Convicted killer released without bail by judge with political connections

Gang violence is almost up to 40% in NYC, this is in-line with leftist politician’s not willing to help their own citizens, but create a state of fear in their cities allowing more and more individuals to experience a violent street attack.

NYC’s murder rate rises due to gang violence

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