Martial Arts History Museum Amazon Store: Get Your Cap On!

Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum store has been in the “making” for the past year. From selling our products straight from the museum’s site to selling them on Esty and now, finally, with a lot of great support from Musashi Swords, our Amazon store now includes our caps. Yes, Amazon, the biggest selling market in the nation now includes our caps. From museum logo caps, to museum dragon caps and even odds and ends, we’ve got a cap for you.

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Why is a museum cap so important? It provides an opportunity to let others know about the museum. It shows that you care about the museum continuing on generation after generation by buying and wearing one of our wonderful caps.

The museum is a lot of hard work and those who have benefitted most from the martial arts never seem to give back. Those who have become stars, become successful companies, or become amazing teachers, who should be the first ones in line to support a museum that keeps our history alive, are just not there. So, it’s up to us. Yes, us to make sure history won’t be lost. It’s up to us to do whatever we can, and what better way to give back to the arts than by having a museum that keeps the arts alive?

So, we hope you enjoy our different types of caps and that you wear them proudly and promote this wonderful dream of the museum for the martial arts.

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