Scott Grove Shares About His DragonForce Ninjas Martial Arts Video Game

Dragon Force NinjaScott Grove shared with about creating his DragonForce Ninjas martial arts video game and the Sensei App that goes along with the game. They were created to get your students excited about training with you in the martial arts.

I started DragonForce Ninjas because I thought I had a brilliant idea. I have been teaching the martial arts for 25 years and one day a light came on. I thought I was an excellent martial arts teacher and so did my students. Then again they were in the club of the already convinced.

I captured more than 90% of the clients the that walked through my doors. They stay with me for decades. I get invited to college graduations and weddings. I love seeing my little five-year-olds turn into honorable men and women knowing I had a part in it.

Being a good teacher was not my challenge. Being a good marketer was.

I remember being 12 years old and someone asked me. “Scotty what are you going to do when you grow up.” I looked around the Dojo and replied. “ Isn’t this what we do?” Then I explained how I have no intentions of ever growing up! But, we all do.

I grew up in the martial arts industry. My dad owned martial arts schools when I was a kid. Back then, in 1985 the students were looking for us. But something changed over the years and somehow we got left behind. One day it dawned me and I figured out what it was. You’re most likely reading my story on one of them right now. That’s right, devices. Little tiny interfaces that can be worn on your wrist or entertain you on a flight. They are the new babysitters and teachers. Phones and tablets connect us to the world wherever we are.

I now that we’ve all tried social media and other Internet-based marketing models. But at the end of the day they make you work like a dog and seldom give the returns we hope for.

It’s not that the kids don’t want to learn from us. Let’s be honest you’re usually the funniest person in the room. It’s just this darn interface telling them all kinds of things that have nothing to do with you!

Now we can spend our entire life fighting the inevitable but properly using technology is a lot wiser then resisting it.

But how do you reach them on their device? They’re not reading the newspaper. They’re too young for most social medias.

What riles them up and gets them excited?

Easy . . . Games!

Games show a world of wizards and epic battles. They get right to their digital taste buds. But some of the most successful games, make you work in the real world.

Why haven’t we thought of that? Martial arts schools are uniquely set up to give real world rewards to a child in a trusting and safe environment.

“Give me 50 jumping jacks and I’ll give you 100 Honor Coins.”

Before you were trying to bribe them to do push-ups. Now they’re asking you how many points you will give, if they do them?

Well the good news is we made an awesome video game that kids love and parents appreciate. It help’s with all kinds of things including discipline and getting their excess energy out.

And lucky for you I’m not some greedy tech giant that doesn’t want to share with my friends.

In fact. I think martial arts is the greatest training in the world. It teaches you to never surrender and never give up. It tells you that it’s not over until you quit. It reminds you to defend yourself always and that attacking is a last resort. It tells you no matter how big your obstacles are you can overcome them and then it gives you the strength to do so. If that’s not the way you’re teaching you’re doing it wrong.

We’re not out there trying to beat up the bad guy all the time. Save that for the games. Our responsibility is to show people, little ones and big ones how to live their lives with honor and integrity regardless the circumstances.

That’s why I want you to succeed. That’s why this game is so powerful to me.

You are an awesome teacher. Even if you’re not, you probably wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t care. That’s what really sells the client. They know they can put their faith in you because you care. The game just shows them where you’re at and gives them a reason to train. It actually reminds them that there friends are in your martial arts club. Those kids that live in your town! Those kids, are where it starts.

They are never going to know how awesome you are until they walk in and see for themselves. All I want to do is remind them were you are.

“If you want more Honor Coins ask your Sensei”. The game tells them that constantly.

I can reach the children where they’re at. I can send them to you in droves. I can try my hardest to make it fun and exciting. The rest is up to you!

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