Evan Pantazi

Evan Pantazi

The Kyusho Studies of Evan Pantazi

In 1980 Evan Pantazi began his health studies with Chi Gong therapy methods and he received certification as a Chi Gong Therapist in 1984. His other studies included Shiatsu, Tui Na (also Certified as a Therapist) and briefly Acupuncture. Combining this with martial arts yielded a system of Health and Wellness with more immediacy than prior training and studies did. This came about because of the necessity to provide immediate revival and restorative measures to participants during martial arts training.

The Kyusho (Vital Point) studies of Evan Pantazi evolved into a deeper study of the human anatomy and condition which included associations with Medical Doctors and Universities. The system developed through this process has been proven on thousands of individuals in over 30 Countries around the world as Evan Pantazi is invited to travel and teach training seminars throughout the world.

Evan Pantazi began his Martial Arts training with the study of Judo in 1975, and this spurred his interest in the Arts which grew steadily through the years. In that same year he was introduced to Wing Chun which added the entering, sensitivity and striking that he had not found in Judo. A real street incident made Evan Pantazi seek more than the technical arts. Evan Pantazi wanted a less regimented, more natural method for protection and found what Evan Pantazi was looking for in Kenpo. Kenpo training increased his coordination and stamina and he began the study of Wu Shu which ended after only a few years as he sought out the softer styles of Tai Chi, Ba Qua, Jujitsu, Aikido and finally Evan Pantazi moved into the healing arts of Tui Na, and Chi Gong. Evan Pantazi began working with military, law enforcement and emergency personnel, teaching Pressure Point Control or Incapacitation for situational needs.

Evan Pantazi currently instructs internationally in Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and in the United States.

  • Introduction to Judo (1975)
  • Wing Chun (since 1975)
  • Kempo (since 1976)
  • BA Education (1980)
  • Kempo Instructor (since 1980 – turned full time professional in 1985)
  • Chi Gong (certified therapist – since 1984)
  • Tai Chi Chuan – Tong Bei – Ba Gua – (Bo Sim Mak – since 1985)
  • Wushu – Rich Branden (1985)
  • Varied Jujitsu Styles (since 1990)
  • Small Circle Jujitsu (Professor Wally Jay, Leon Jay and Ed MeLaugh – since 1992
  • 4th Dan American Kenpo (from the late Professor Cerio – since 1993)
  • Tui Na (certified therapist – since 1995)
  • Awarded “Distinguished Service Award” (from Jujitsu America 1996)
  • Developed a Kyusho Training program for Uechi Ryu style (1997)
  • Shihan Title awarded (George Mattson I.U.R.K.F – 1999 for contributions to Uechi)
  • Founded www.kyusho.com currently the largest website for Kyusho Education in the world (1999)
  • Awarded the 1999 “Kokua Award” (for contributions to Small Circle Jujitsu by Professor Wally Jay 2000)
  • Concieved Kyusho International Curriculum and Business Plan (2000)
  • 7th Dan Ryu Kyu Kempo (George A. Dillman)
  • Refused offer of 8th Dan Ryu Kyu Kempo (from George A. Dillman )
  • Other Arts (studied with no ranking or professed proficiency but as an ongoing facination in the Arts) – Uechi Ryu – Shorin Ryu – Ryukyu Kempo – Liu Ha Ba Fa Chuan – Sil Lum – Modern Arnis – Kobudo – Praying Mantis.
  • Founded Kyusho International ® (2003)
  • Schools and affiliates in 30 Countries
  • Freelance Writer appearing in 72 Countries for Black Belt US, Budo-Finland, Artes Guerras, Budo International, Combat, Playboy Slovenia, SA Martial Arts, Blitz and several other Publications
  • Featured on the cover of 6 Martial Arts Publications in several Countries.
  • International Instruction of Kyusho in al styles of Martial Arts, beginning in 2000 encompassing 30 Countries
  • International Instruction for Military, Secret Service, Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel (Spain, Sweden, USA, Finland, Belgium, UK, France and South Africa)
  • Founder of Kinetic Intent TM
  • Published Author of “Kyusho Jitsu Vital Ponts”, “Vital Concepts”, “Advanced Concepts” and “Intimacy Enhancement” published in 5 languages in 72 Countries
  • Guest of 14 TV and Radio Programs in 5 Countries
  • Initiated the ongoing Kyusho Medical Research Project, 2003
  • Instituted the Kyusho Health & Wellness Program 2003
  • Instituted the Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement Program 2003
  • Instituted the Kyusho Energy Program 2003
  • Completed Video Curriculum for Kyusho International 2007 (begun in 2002) released in 5 languages in 72 Countries.
  • Instituted Kyusho Law Enforcement Program (KTCP) 2008