Kevin Ross Muay Thai

Kevin Ross is often referred to as the face of American Muay Thai. He got a late start to the sport beginning his training when he was almost 23 years old. Most high-level fighters begin training as children. Knowing he had to make up training time motivated Kevin to push himself and sacrifice more than most were willing to sacrifice, driving himself as much as possible every second of every day. He continually had to go up against the best, those who he had no business fighting. Kevin made a name for himself as the “face” of American Muay Thai with his aggressive, in your face, never quit style and attitude. Always staying true to his quote, “I’d rather lose an exciting fight than win a boring one.”

Kevin Ross has been at the forefront of elevating American Muay Thai on the International scene and he is an inspiration to countless students of Muay Thai. He is a fighter, author, speaker and artist. He has written a book, Dancing with Saenchai and the book gives readers an inside glimpse into the heart and mind of this modern day Renaissance man.

One of the biggest fights Kevin Ross took on was stepping into the ring against a true living legend of the sport, Saenchai, who many consider one of the greatest of all time. Kevin Ross had less than 50 fights, Saenchai had well over 300 fights. Few gave Kevin even a slight chance of lasting through the first round and considered the fight laughable and just another chance for Saenchai to put on a show. Kevin not only stood toe to toe with the Thai legend but also pushed him to the brink. Dancing with Saenchai chronicles Kevin’s journey from the beginning of his preparation, to his time training in Thailand and finishing at his home gym in Las Vegas, leading all the way up to fight day.

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