America’s Next Great Trainer: ANGT is TV Magazines and More

America’s Next Great Trainer or ANGT is a brand featuring trainers, coaches and instructors. Leading experts in the world of sports, health, fitness, nutrition, motivation and medicine. Sharing their passion, knowledge and skills to educate and motivate. Achieving this through a variety of platforms including: website, social media, magazines, radio, television, special events and other sources of media.

Rob Fletcher and America’s Next Great Trainer or ANGT showcase great trainers, coaches, and instructors. They educate, motivate, inspire, energize and empower others to live a positive, confident, healthy, fit and active lifestyle. Providing advice, tips, information, inspiring and empowering stories from health and fitness experts, trainers, coaches instructors, lifestyle consultants, athletes, celebrities, inspirational and motivational leaders, and teachers. Trainers share their empowering stories of the transformation of their clients and how they did it. ANGT will encourage others to reach out and seek the guidance of a trainer or coach to put them on their way to their personal best!
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