This article discusses defend disarm control in Systema where defending and attacking are the same thing, where you must identify if the opponent is armed and where control includes re-directing, distracting or dissipating.

In Systema, there is no distinction between defense and attack. Any so called “defensive” move is also active, decisive and pre-emptive. The secret is in complete freedom of movement, very swift thinking and decision-making. There are practically no limitations, except for the moral ones.

Before practicing techniques of weapons disarming, you should first learn to identify if the opponent is armed and how. Then, study how to evaluate his competence in using a weapon. Each weapon imprints behavior. Knowledge and experience can uncover that for you.

The best control in a fight is pre-emptive; when you feel that something is about to happen and do not allow the situation to develop.

Next is primary control; when the action is starting and you deal with it by re-directing, distracting or dissipating.

And then secondary control begins; when physical contact could not be avoided and you deal with it by your moving, striking and other specific skills. Through all these stages, your source of success is the removal of fear.