A seldom seen view of Arnis/Modern Arnis the Filipino fighting art of Professor Remy Pesas as seen by first generation student, Senior Master Instructor Bram Frank. Modern Arnis is seen through the perspective of the family art of the Bolo and knife,(edged tools) rather than a stick. Some history of Modern Arnis in the USA is told.

So much more than expected!

Considering I had such high hopes for this book to begin with, that says a lot!

As a long time practitioner & student of the Filipino Martial Arts, I can’t recommend this enough. GM Bram has created a tribute to Professor Presas & his legacy that is sure to become the standard by which other publications are judged.

From the history, to the artwork, explanations, details, movements, techniques- he has captured in print what no other martial art publication has.

Whether new to the arts, a long time student, or an instructor, this book has something for everyone and deserves a place in the library of every warrior who has a sincere interest in Filipino Martial Arts and/or blades & edged tools.

Thank you GM Bram, for sharing so openly!

Thinking man’s guide to Arnis

I wanted to write a detailed review of this book and as such have spent the last week re-reading in an effort to begin this task. Unfortunately, I have decided I cannot do it justice without a lot more work. There are simply too many nuggets and insights contained within this tome to do a decent job of it. Years ago I picked up one of Remy Presas’s books – didn’t get much out of it and decided there was not too much to Modern Arnis. Now I am regretting that decision. Bram’s book made me take a new look at the art for a second time through my somewhat older and more experienced eyes. This book has been laying on my nightstand table for weeks now as I keep finding myself going back to it for further reflection and education.
This book has been worth every penny and having purchased just about everything written in English on Eskrima, Arnis and Kali over the years – I can make a meaningful comparison! Buy the book, put the kettle on and settle in for a lengthy and enjoyable read. If you are an Arnis aficionado or just curious about the Filipino Martial Arts in general you would be hard pressed to do better.

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Bram Frank
Bram Frank is a first generation personal student, and disciple of the late GM Remy Presas, the Father and Founder of MODERN ARNIS. He was with Professor Presas from 1980 till his he died in 2001. Bram has studied various fighting arts such as Wing Chun, JKD, American Freestyle Karate for over 49 years and has taken the principles from each as they can be applied to Filipino Martial Arts. Bram holds Dan rank in several arts and has been Director of Blunt & Edged Weapons training for several federations worldwide. Currently he is Director of Edged Weapons training @ the S2-CIS Law Enforcement-Security Institute.