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Bram Frank

Bram Frank was born in the year of the COBRA: the Water Snake, hour of the Snake, on July 19, 1953. The Snake is a sign of the artist and the seeker. Bram is both. His father introduced him to Chinese and Japanese brush painting. This introduction paved the way to Oriental arts. Bram constantly asked to study the fighting arts. In 1965 for his birthday his mother bought him a book, with a woven bamboo cover, KARATE the Art of the Empty Hand by Hidetaka Nishiyama. The die was cast and in 1966 Bram turned towards the martial arts especially those of China. Wing Chun and Hung Gar kung fu became his passion. As time went on other martial arts became part of Bram’s life.

In 1980, Bram Frank found the instructor who has influenced him until today. Professor Remy Presas was like the old statement: “wait and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Professor Presas said that Modern Arnis is the art within your art and Modern Arnis opened the doors. Connections became clear and Wing Chun blended with American Karate and Arnis led the way. Bram has stayed with Arnis and related arts and has grown into the Filipino way. Over the years many instructors have made an impact on Bram’s martial arts career. For 33 years Bram has learned and taught martial arts, something he will continue far into the future. With Professor Remy Presas‘ unexpected death in September of 2001, Bram, along with the other first generation students, accepted the responsibility of securing the future of Modern Arnis.

In 2004 while in the Philippines The Senior Master Council of Modern Arnis: consisting of such Arnisadors as GM Vic Sanchez, GM Roland Dantes, GM Jerry DeLa Cruz, and GM Rodel Dagoc recognized Bram as a Senior Master of Modern Arnis. In 2006 in the Philippines at the Remy Presas Memorial Festival and 3rd Filipino Martial Arts Festival in Tagatay, the International Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines consisting of Modern Arnis dignitaries such as GM Rene Tongson, GM Cristino Vasquez, GM Roberto Presas recognized – acknowledged Bram as Grand Master of his CSSD Conceptual Modern Arnis – Combat Arnis as well as a IMAFP Senior Master of Modern Arnis. In 2010 GM Vicente Sanchez and Kalis Eskrima International and Arnis Philippines recognized Bram as a Datu in Arnis. 2012 in Hinigaran Occidental Negros, the home town of Remy Presas, Bram was recognized by GM Roberto Presas (the last living Presas brother), GM Rodel Dagoc, GM Bambit Dulay, GM Cristino Vasquez and the FMA association as a Grandmaster Lakan Walo in Modern Arnis / Arnis and Master of the Blade in Modern Arnis and as a Guardian of the Presas Family Legacy of the Blade.

In 2007 the 50th Anniversary of Modern Arnis Bram was awarded the Gat Andres Bonifacio Award by the Philippine Classical Arnis Association and GM Rene Tongson in honor of his CSSD Blade systems and his dedication to the art of Filipino blade. In 2008 in Boracay at the 4th Filipino Martial Arts festival he was awarded the Lapu Lapu award: by Arnis Philippines, IMAFP and the Department of Tourism ( the regulating bodies of Arnis in the Philippines) as Master of Blade Systems and Innovator of Blade use and design.

Bram Frank produced martial arts training videos of which PALADIN PRESS stated set the standard for instructional tapes particularly those on using edged weapons. He published a major book on Conceptual MODERN ARNIS and a book on Edged Weapons for PALADIN called The Leading Edge: A Complete Guide to Tactical Edged Weapon Use. In 2016 Bram Frank published Bram Frank Knives.

Bram Frank

It was Bram Frank who designed the Gunting for SPYDERCO knives. It was called the most innovative tactical folder in the last 50 years by the knife world. Spyderco Knives calls the knife a “watershed event”. What Bram Frank designed and patented was the first kinetic opening tactical knife; a knife meant to be used closed and within the flow of combat actually uses the opponent’s energy to open the blade. In a closed position, this knife would do all Kyushu Jitsu pressure point techniques, Small circle JuJitsu controlling techniques, Wing Chun trapping and Filipino limb destructions. To accompany the knife Bram Frank designed the world’s first functional trainer DRONE and another version as a Close Range Medium Impact Tool. The knife and its variations were Bram’s way of giving back to the martial arts, which have given him so much in his life. At this time, George Denson’s Video Quest signed Bram to do a full series of tapes and has produced the first instructional tape series ever sponsored and endorsed by a major knife manufacturer, featuring Bram Frank and his knife the Gunting for Spyderco knives.

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Bram Frank has designed and holds 4 patents in knife design and operation: the world’s first Kinetic Opening Full force continuum tool and knife, the Puzzle lock, The Gunting tactical folder, and the Abaniko Tactical fixed blade. His first knife was made by REKAT the Escalator which later evolved into a modern version made by SPYDERCO knives: the Gunting. The concept has spread to new versions such as the Lapu Lapu Corto by Chersuker Messer and then to Bram’s own company CSSD/SC. Versions of his knives are carried by the USMC PSD and RECON. The LLC won TACTICAL KNIFE OF THE YEAR at IWA, Europe’s largest Military, Security and LE Show. He has helped design the newest bayonet – fighting knife of the USMC made by Ontario knives. Currently he has more patents on his newest fixed blade fighting knife for Military and Anti Terror Units; the ABANIKO Tactical knife. He has Utility patents on Kinetic Opening, Indexing and the Puzzle lock all in use on many new designs: each rooted in Filipino tradition.

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The LLC – Gunting knife and its Non lethal counterpart the CRMIPT have become part of several LE agencies approved carry and SOP within Hialeah PDS force continuum for 2010.

The newest Gunting LLC the Bowie has just come out in 2015 and it’s the first Bram knife in 30 years to have Bram’s name on the knife instead of it being licensed out to a major company. It uses his more advanced Compound Puzzlelock, has dual indexing, proud liners, spoon clip and a “Bram bowie blade” influenced by his love for the Randall model #1. The newest LLC will have 5 other blade shapes coming… Gunting Spearpoint, Katana, Persian, #2 Dagger and tactical Tanto!

Bram Frank’s Online Training Website

To go with these knives, Bram Frank has designed full training programs in a Modular ‘train the trainer’ format allowing anyone to learn the skills needed in a short amount of time … “Learn in 6, teach in 12” It is a must system, as “RECON” has said, because it allows for combative reality with an edged tool… in a reasonable time frame with great retention of knowledge by those training. Bram has also developed Bram Frank Online an online training website which is the official online video source for Grandmaster Bram Frank’s training videos. You can purchase videos, rent videos, or subscribe to this channel for access to all his videos at any time.

Bram Frank’s Online Training Website

Bram Frank currently travels worldwide teaching seminars on the use of Blunt and Edged weapons to other martial artists, civilians, law enforcement and military. After 9 – 11 this type of tactical training has been on the forefront of our Anti Terror units worldwide. The Israeli Anti Terror units have called Martial Blade Craft one of the most effective Styles of knife usage in the world today. It is used by many of our USA military forces including the several Elite groups of USMC, SF and others such as PSD including UN Security, in the fight against terrorism. Bram has taught his system worldwide to other Military and Anti Terror units in their fight for freedom and security. For the past decade he has been rated one of the top ten knife instructors in the world by Tactical Knives Magazine. He is the Chief Edged Weapons and CRMIPT instructor at the S2 – CIS Academy and KKP Security for the last decade. He is an SME Subject Matter Expert on knives and their use for the State of Florida and Washington and does testimony on this subject for attacks and murders involving knives. Bram has become the Chief CQC Close Quarter Combat instructor and Director of training at Airborne Security and Wells Fargo Security.

Bram Frank has been inducted into numerous Martial Arts Halls of Fame including Grandmaster Sanchez’s World Head of Sokeship Council Hall of Fame. There are three Hall of Fame inductions that have great meaning to Bram. His induction into the 1998 KARATE VOICE Florida Hall of Fame for the “Silver Lifetime Achievement Award” for recognition of his years in the arts, the other induction is for “Weapons Instructor of the Year 1998” by Grandmaster Sanchez. And his September 2000 induction in the Sokeship Council Hall of Fame for “Most Innovative Martial Arts Weapon of the Millennium: the Gunting” and “Master Instructor of the Most Innovative Martial Arts Weapon”!

Founder & Director: Common Sense Self Defense /Street Combat Tactical Systems
Grandmaster: Common Sense Self Defense /Street Combat Martial Blade Craft GUNTING


  • Recognized by World Head of Family Sokeship Council August 31, 2003
  • First modern Self Defense-Tactical Martial Art system in WHFSC Grandmaster Council
  • Grandmaster Bram Frank of CSSD/SC- Common Sense Self Defense Tactical Systems Systems: Combat Arnis, Conceptual Modern Arnis, Martial Blade Craft, Gunting: Non Lethal –Lethal SDR
  • Modular Concepts Methodology Training
  • 37 years studying and teaching martial arts : Contemporary Knife Craft, Combat Arnis, Filipino Martial Art, Modern Arnis, JKD, Wing Chun, Dillman Kyushu Jitsu, American Karate-TKD, & Small Circle JuJitsu and other related martial arts. Ongoing study.
  • 5th Dan Arnis Maharlikha- Datu Shishir Inocalla- Arnis Maharlikha Martial Arts Federation of the Philippines
  • Master Level Instructor
  • 3rd Dan 1st generation personal student of MODERN ARNIS founder Professor Remy Presas (deceased)
  • Level 4- Advanced Senior Instructor Board of Directors: International Modern Arnis
  • Senior Master Instructor – Modern Arnis 80 Professor Dan Anderson
  • Senior Master Instructor- Board of Directors Independent International Modern Arnis-2003
  • 7th Dan Lakan Pito – International School of Arnis-Eskrima – Katibayan
    2005 – Punong Guro Hummerstone
  • 5th Dan ArKido – personal student of Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone- 2003
  • 3rd Dan Dennis Survival Ju Jitsu- Master Hanover -Israel
  • Tactical Knife Master Instructor Dennis Survival
  • 3rd Dan Conceptual Hapkido-Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone
  • 3rd Dan Shuri -Gojo Ryu: Shihan Larry Pizzi & Glenn Mehlman 6th Dan
  • 2nd Dan American Karate-TKD
  • Senior Instructor
  • Director & Founder of SPYDERCO MBC- Martial Blade Craft Program
  • Police Tactical Knife Instructor –ASLET International Police Asociation
  • Police Tactical Kubaton-Short staff Instructor-ASLET International Police Association
  • PFS-Knife Instructor- Paul Vunak-Progressive Fighting Systems 2000
  • Expert Class #1 Congress of American Knife Fighters- Director Hock Hochhie
  • Basic Instructor Traditional Wing Chun – Wing Chun
  • RIDDLER OF STEEL and Guest Instructor
  • MENSAN : member of MENSA: The high IQ society since 1984
  • Inventor / designer of the KINETIC SERIES of tactical folding knives:
  • Inventor of Abaniko Series fixed Blade: Abaniko 5-7, Lapu lapu 5-7, Guru 8 & Bolo


  • 2004 World Head of Soke Councilship Hall of Fame: International Grandmaster : Tactical Training
  • 2004 Cosmopolitan Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Silver Lifetime Achievement Award : Tactical Combatives Instructor
  • 2003 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame: Teaching Excellence: Modular Training
  • 2002 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame: Martial Blade Craft: Master Instructor
  • 2001 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame: Knife Combatives: Master Instructor
  • 2001 Cosmopolitan Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Master Instructor of Year: Martial Blade Craft
  • 2000 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame: Most Innovative Weaponry: Gunting
  • 1999 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame : Seminar Leader & Instructor
  • Cosmopolitan Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Most Innovative Weapons Design & Instructor: GUNTING
  • 1998 World Head of SOKE Councilship Hall of Fame 1st “Weapons Instructor of the Year”
  • 1998 Karate Voice Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Silver Lifetime Achievement Award”
  • 1998 Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers & Legends Hall Of Fame “ Master Instructor of the Year”
  • 1997 WHSCMHF “Master Instructor of the Year”- Arnis
  • 1997 Liaison RANDALL FIGHTING Knives
  • 1996 Karate Voice FLORIDA Black Belt Hall of Fame “ Master Instructor of the Year”
  • 1996 WHSCMHF “ Master Instructor of the Year”
  • 1995 World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame “Instructor of the year Arnis”


  • Chief instructor S2-CIS Knife Counter Knife 2003
  • Instructor Israeli Anti Terror-IDF-ISA-knife Counter Knife 2003
  • Chief Instructor @ FLECT TSA-FAM program-Gunting-CRMIPT
  • 2002 VIDEO QUEST : Gunting Instructional Video Series
  • Chief Instructor 2002 for Advanced Instructors @ FLETC-USBP Knife-Counter Knife & Impact tool
  • 2002- Instructor ISA-IDF Knife Counter Knife
  • Chief Instructor 2001 @ FLETC for the USBP-Knife /counter knife
  • Chief Instructor 2001 @ ASLET National Conference Knife / Counter Knife
  • Chief Instructor 2001 @ ISA Knife / counter knife seminars
  • 26th SOF Convention 2000–Tactical Knife Instructor: Soldier of Fortune
  • 2001: Conceptual Modern Arnis: book to be published -manuscript done
  • 2001: Conceptual Modern Arnis: two tape series
  • 2000: Chief Instructor Knife-Edged Weapons: SPETZNAS- ROSS: Russian Martial Art. St. Petersburg RUSSIA.
  • 1998-2004 Chief Instructor/ Director: COMMANDMENTS of STEEL: Knife Counter Knife Training Camp Israel
  • First in series: MODERN KNIVES magazine: Masters of the BLADE: Bram Frank
  • 1999 PALADIN PRESS video Martial Artist Knife Videos volume 1&2: The Leading Edge
  • 1998 VIDEO QUEST video series Tactical Knife, Stick fighting & Knife fighting
  • 1998 Chief Instructor : Ontario Knives & ICHF Edged Weapons Camp
  • 1996 Instructor Edged Weapons SOF Convention : Soldier of Fortune
  • 1996 Staff Instructor Edged Weapons AWSDA: American Woman’s Self Defense Association Convention
  • Chief instructor and Director of Training BLUNT & EDGED WEAPONS as Directed by Prof Remy Presas as Modern Arnis representative to ICHF. ICHF – Camps 1994-95-96-97
  • Featured in many publications worldwide: Newspapers, magazines; Martial Arts Illustrated, World Of Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do And Korean Combative Arts, Combat Arts, Tactical Knives, Karate Voice Magazine, radio shows, and television.
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