Bram Frank Knives Book

Bram Frank Knives

Bram Frank Knives is a 30+ year look at the knives of Bram Frank. The book discusses why he designs knives, the progression from idea to drawing to Cad and finally to steel.

Bram Frank Knives shows Bram’s different knife patents and ideas used by Bram and other designers in the Knife Industry.

In Bram Frank Knives, there is an overview of Bram’s Gunting Family of knives and his “trademark” Bramp or Ramp (allowing for kinetic opening by contact of any object), his rounded triangular hole (always able to open with thumb easily), his indexing (ability point to rotate from forward grip to reverse grip and back) and his spoon clip that allows function in a flat clip. A brief overview of training, magazines and comments about Bram’s Tactical and Practical knives that have influenced the knife industry for many years.

Buy Bram Frank Knives and Books

Buy Bram Frank Knives and Books

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