Karate Ranking and Training

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Karate Ranking and Training

Karate Ranking System:

The karate ranking system uses a similar belt ranking system as seen in other Japanese martial arts. Karate ranking has its basis in technical competence and character development, but at higher levels teaching and dedication are important factors. Karate ranking is used to measure progress and to provide feedback and incentives in training. As such, rank is not an end in itself. The following is a list of the ranks which may be attained:

Pre-Black Belt Levels (kyu ranks):

  • White Belt: 10 kyu
  • Orange Belt: 9th kyu or Ku-Kyu
  • Yellow Belt: 8th kyu or Hachi-Kyu
  • Blue Belt: 7th kyu or Shichi -Kyu
  • Green Belt: 6th kyu or Roku-Kyu
  • Purple Belt: 5th kyu or Go-Kyu
  • High Purple Belt: 4th kyu or Shi-Kyu
  • Third Brown Belt: 3rd kyu or San-Kyu
  • Second Brown Belt: 2nd kyu or Ni-Kyu
  • First Brown Belt: 1st kyu or Ik-Kyu

Reaching the karate ranking level of Black Belt is considered a new beginning. Becoming a Black Belt means that you have learned the basics of karate. Karate development can continue throughout ones life, stressing more finesse, inner strength, and teaching as you grow in experience.

Black Belt Levels:

  • Sho-dan: First Degree Black Belt
  • Ni-dan: Second Degree Black Belt
  • San-dan: Third Degree Black Belt
  • Yon-dan: Fourth Degree Black Belt
  • Go-dan: Fifth Degree Black Belt
  • Roku-dan: Sixth Degree Black Belt
  • Shichi-dan: Seventh Degree Black Belt
  • Hachi-dan: Eighth Degree Black Belt
  • Ku-dan: Ninth Degree Black Belt
  • Ju-dan: Tenth Degree Black Belt

Karate and Training:

Training involves learning:

learning basic techniques like stances, punching, and kicking
learning kata’s or standard defensive sequences of basic techniques
practicing basic techniques with other students in a controlled environment
competing in soft contact kumite or fighting skills.
Many personal enhancements:

proper etiquette & commitment
self respect & respect for others
focus and concentration
coordination, balance, flexibility, timing
Dojo Kune:

Seek perfection of character
Follow the path of truth
Respect others
Reframe from violent behavior